March 1, 2011

Tom Brady: Greatest Quarterback of All-Time

By - Kris Fletcher

The subject of "who's the greatest quarterback of all-time" is always a touchy one. How do you REALLY decide who the best is? Is it by numbers alone? Championships won? Some sort of combination of the two? How to decide is up for debate in itself.

However, if you look at it from the stand point of combination of the two, than the numbers and rings don't lie. We're currently living in the era of the greatest quarterback of all-time, and that's Tom Brady.

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Don't think so huh? Already think I'm out of my mind do you? Well I'm gonna give you cold hard facts as to WHY he is, and why people that you may seem to think are "better" than him, are not.

I know the first person people will argue FOR is Peyton Manning. Well let's eliminate him right off the bat.

Brady's career passer rating is 95.2, while Manning's is 94.9. Brady's career playoff record is 14-5, including 10-0 his first 10 postseason starts, which is the longest quarterback postseason winning streak in history. Manning's postseason record? How about 9-10. Sorry, I can't put someone with a career LOSING postseason record down as the greatest of all-time. To be honest, I don't see how ANYONE can.

Another person bound to be thrown into the conversation is one Joe Montana.

If ever anyone had the credentials to be called the greatest ever, it's him. A career passer rating of 92.3, career playoff record of 16-7 and a perfect 4-0 record in the Super Bowl.

My argument against Montana would be this: He had more to work with in San Francisco than Brady in New England. Montana played with the likes of Hall of Famers such as Jerry Rice and Ronnie Lott.

Besides a few seasons with Randy Moss, who on New England the last ten seasons is a sure fire Hall of Famer? No one. Brady has had less to work with and done more with it than any quarterback in history.

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Statistically speaking, Brady may very well have the two greatest quarterbacking seasons of ALL-TIME under his belt.

In 2007, on his way to his first MVP award, he threw a record 50 touchdown passes, with only 8 interceptions, to go along with his 4,806 yards passing, 69% completion percentage and passer rating of 117.2, which is the 2nd highest single season rating of all-time.

While his 2010 numbers aren't as high, they may be just as impressive.

In gaining his second MVP award, Brady passed for 3,900 yards, with 36 touchdown passes to only 4 picks, and a passer rating of 111.0. The most impressive number of Brady's 2010 season however, is his NFL record 335 consecutive pass attempts (and counting) without an interception. A record that's sure to stand for some time.

One may argue that Brady's productivity is enhanced due to the fact that he's played for one of the greatest coaches of all time in Bill Belichick. Well not so fast there, my friend. A closer look into the numbers may show that it's in fact BRADY that's made Belichick, not the other way around.

Counting the postseason, Belichick has a career record of 176-100. However, his record WITHOUT Tom Brady as his starting quarterback is an abysmal 52-62. He had two winning seasons out of the seven he coached, and won ONE playoff game.

Since Brady became his starter in 2001, and not counting the 2008 season Brady missed all of due to injury, the Patriots have made the playoffs every year but one and have NEVER had a losing record.

Now, I'm not saying Belichick isn't a good coach, but the numbers don't lie. To say Belichick is more important to New England's success than Brady would just be flat out ridiculous, because he's not.

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Still not convinced? Well you need to wake up and smell the coffee. When you step back and look at the grand scheme of things, Tom Brady is the best quarterback of all-time. Only once or twice in a lifetime does greatness of this magnitude come around in a particular sport, so you better take notice and appreciate it while you can.

Brady already has the credentials to be called the best ever. What's the essence of greatness? How about WINNING. No one, past or present, has ever done that as well as Tom Brady. Furthermore, at only 33 years of age, you can be sure there's still plenty more of that yet to come.

So run along and tell a friend, in case they don't already know yet. Tom Brady is the best quarterback…EVER.

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  1. I don't know if I'd go as far as to say Brady is the best EVER, but I don't think he gets enough credit for being as good as he really is.

  2. Brady the best EVER? Please. He may not even be top 10, and if he is, it's just barely.

  3. There's no sense in me even attempting to argue this point with you, because you're obviously insane.

    But hey, thanks for reading it.

  4. Let me start by saying, I enjoy the site. I’m always entertained by the stuff you guys write. Having said that, I can’t believe you would actually write an article trying to declare Tom Brady as being the best quarterback of all time. Brady doesn’t even qualify as the best quarterback of the last decade. Peyton Manning has had way less talent around him then Brady has over the last 10 years, and his numbers are STILL better. Brady doesn’t even crack the top 10 best qb’s ever in my book.

  5. Glad you enjoy the site.

    While you’re totally entitled to your opinion, I really don’t see what you are basing said opinion on. I’ll be the first to give Manning credit for being a good quarterback, but I don’t see how you can say he’s better than Brady when he has a losing record for his career in the playoffs.

    Also, I’d point out, that Brady was THE deciding factor in 2 of New England’s 3 Super Bowl wins, while Manning, if memory serves me correctly, threw the game deciding interception that blew the game for the Colts in the Super Bowl two years ago.

    I totally understand that in most cases, if you’re pro-Manning, you’re anti-Brady, and vice versa. But, to say, “ohh Manning is just better” without really giving ANY REAL REASON as to WHY you think that, is just kinda juvenile. The whole, "he's had way less talent around him" doesn't count as a reason, because it's not even remotely accurate.

  6. Here's a list of the greatest QB's of all time in my opinion.

    1. Peyton Manning
    2. Brett Favre
    3. Joe Montana
    4. Dan Marino
    5. John Elway
    6. Johnny Unitas
    7. Steve Young
    8. Fran Tarkenton
    9. Otto Graham
    10. Dan Fouts

    And for the record, after those guys, I would still take the likes of Kurt Warner, Troy Aikman, Bart Starr and even Drew Bledsoe in his prime, before I would take Tom Brady.

  7. Not a bad list, Josh. I know Kris won’t agree – given that Brady’s not #1, but hey, to each his own.

    However, if you put Dan Fouts on the list that’s a bit of a stretch. 86-84-1 career record, 254 TD, 242 INTs. I mean, Favre was a gunslinger and still threw 182 more TDs than INTs

  8. Really Josh, this whole list, as well as your arguement, are both basically jokes.

    You obviously are just all about some Peyton, which means you hate Brady, which I get. But, the fact that you would go as far as to say you’d take Bledsoe over Brady just proves you’re tryin’ to take this whole thing to a middle school level.

    WHAT EXACTLY is the basis of your arguement, OR your list? I mean, you put Manning 1st, which is a joke from the get go, but THEN you put the likes of Favre and Marino in the top 5, when COMBINED they won ONE title in like 40 seasons, so again, TOTAL JOKE. Tarkenton? Fouts? Again, guys that never won ANYTHING, yet you see fit to put them on a top 10 list, OVER Brady, who’s won THREE Super Bowls. Why don’t you just put Mark Sanchez and Ben Roethlisberger on your list while you’re at it?

    Atleast a quarter of the guys you have on your list don’t belong on it, and the three-quarters are no where near where they ACTUALLY SHOULD BE on the list. WINNING TITLES/CHAMPIONSHIPS has to count for SOMETHING, yet half of your picks never won ANY. You’re basically makin’ an argument for guys who just put up big career number totals, which, news flash, when you play 18, 19, 20+, seasons, you’re gonna put up big numbers regardless. But hey, you take any of your “top 10″ guys. I’d be willin’ to take Brady against any of them in their primes. ANY OF THEM.

    Ohh, and you want a “Top 10″ list, I’ll give ya a REAL one. One based on what it SHOULD BE based on, winning + numbers:

    1. Tom Brady
    2. Joe Montana
    3. Johnny Unitas
    4. Otto Graham
    5. John Elway
    6. Peyton Manning
    7. Dan Marino
    8. Steve Young
    9. Brett Favre
    10. Sammy Baugh

  9. Are you serious Josh? Peyton Manning has had FAR MORE weapons in the past 10 years than Tom Brady. Marvin Harrison, Edgerrin James, Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark..etc. Before 2007 Tom Brady had ONE pro bowler player on offense, Corey Dillion, who was an injury replacement. Marvin Harrison is on the best WRS of all time. Peyton Manning has a losing playoff record. Tom Brady only started to have weapons in 2007, and look what he did when he got them. Hes proven he can put up massive numbers with or without pro bowlers. Look what happened when Dallas Clark and Randy Moss got taken off their respective teams, Brady flourished, Manning cracked. You have seriously lost touch with reality if you think Brett Favre out of all people is a better qb than Tom Brady.

  10. You know, fans always have their opinion of who is the best quarterback of all time. If you think about it, certain quarterbacks have been given a better supporting cast into molding their success. For example, guys like Montana and Brady were on good teams. Good wide receivers, running backs, and a great offensive scheme. QBs like Elway (beginning of his career) and Dan Marino didn’t have any kind of running game, mainly relying on the pass. They had to throw into pass coverages constanly with no fear of the play action being a threat. Not saying Brady or Montana are not good, but they were surrounded with better athletes to help their passing game. So, do you think Brady would do as well with a team like the Broncos had in the 80′s or Marino had with the Dolphins, where he couldn’t use the play action effectively and was constanly passing into pass coverage? I think Brady is good, but guys like Marino, Elway, and Favre are superior talent wise with their arms and abilities to make the big plays. Although i will say even though Marino never won it all, he would have with a better team.

  11. I think Marino and Elway both had fairly good players around them back in the day.

    The Broncos overall must have been fairly decent, since they got to 3 Super Bowls.

    Marino’s Dolphins made it to the Super Bowl once in the 80′s as well, so he also had a fairly decent supporting cast.

    I think a running game helps, but for anyone to say Brady has had more of a running game than the Broncos or Dolphins of the 80′s did, would be pushing it.

    Antowain Smith, Corey Dillon and Laurence Maroney, as far as I’m concerned, are NO BETTER than Tony Nathan, Sammie Smith, Sammy Winder or Bobby Humphrey were.

    The Dolphins and Broncos both had good receiving corps. The Dolphins with the Mark brothers, Clayton and Duper, while the Broncos had Mark Jackson and Vance Johnson. Who has New England had exactly other than Moss for a few seasons? Troy Brown? David Givens? Even Deion Branch did NOTHING once he left New England, then became relevant again once he got BACK with Brady. Brady MADE these guys known players, THEY didn’t make HIM a good quarterback.

    I think if you put Brady on either the Dolphins or Broncos of the 80′s, he would have won championships. He makes guys around him better. Thats what great quarterbacks do.

    I also think to say that Marino, Elway and Favre are “superior talent wise because of their arms and abilities to make the big plays,” isn’t all that accurate.

    While no one has the arm strength of Favre, I’d say Brady’s arm strength is EXTREMELY underrated, and I’d put it right up there w/both Marino and Elways. Furthermore, Brady is a SMARTER quarterback than all 3 of the guys you mentioned. While Favre may have the strongest arm ever, he also is ONE OF THE WORST decision makers in the HISTORY of the NFL, so that semi-eliminates half of what you get from his arm strength. Neither Marino nor Elway were ever known as the brightest crayons in the box either. I’ll take a thinkin’ mans quarterback over a gun-slingin’ mistake prone one anyday.

    Don’t get me wrong, like you said, everyone has an opinion, and everyone’s entitled to it. I would expect that 99 out of 100 people wouldn’t agree with my observation. All I’m sayin’ is, from what I’ve seen out of Brady, from his accuracy, his ability to play better in big game situations, to the little things like his pre-snap reads, adjusting protection, etc. (which I also think he is EXTREMELY underrated at being good at), and factoring in his numbers plus championships won, he’s the best. Or at minimum, best in the making.

    I appreciate you takin’ the time to read the article and comment on it btw. Thanks.

  12. Saying that Brett Favre is a worse decision maker than Tim Couch, Ryan Leaf, and Jamarcus Russell is a bit of a stretch but, I do agree Tom Brady should not only be recognized as the greatest QB ever but also as one of the greatest PLAYERS overall in the history of the game.