The following people help make The Bleacher Briefings possible:

KRIS FLETCHER - Site Founder/Editor-in-Chief
I have two sons, and they're the most amazing kids in the world. Football is my favorite sport, and my favorite teams are the New England Patriots and Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.

TIM SWIFT - Site Correspondent
I'm a host on Sports Radio 560 WNSR Nashville, and a University of Memphis graduate. I love basketball, and am one of the twelve remaining boxing fans left in the world.

KEITH SMITH - Senior Columnist
A father of two, I'm a former reporter with a communication's degree from UAB. I played baseball there for former NL batting champ and major league manager Harry "The Hat" Walker. I enjoy watching and playing all sports, but especially like discussing them.

BRAD HEERSCHOP - Senior Columnist
I live in Calgary, Canada with my girlfriend. Football is my favorite sport, and I love the Washington Redskins. Also a Braves, Celtics, Seminoles and Sharks fan. I lived in Australia for almost 2 years, and took back with me a passion for 20/20 cricket, making me possibly the only Canadian-born cricket fan on the planet.

I'm currently a college baseball player majoring in journalism. Big fan of baseball, football, and basketball, with my favorite teams being the New York Yankees, New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Knicks and Oklahoma City Thunder.

IT Tech by day, and anything that doesn't require work by night. Grew up with a passionate love for baseball that eventually matured into a respect for all athletics. My greatest fondness now rests on the precarious fields of college football, but I'm an avid NFL and MLB fan as well.

ANDY GARCIA - Columnist
I'm a college student with a deep passion for sports. Born and raised in Los Angeles, I root for my hometown teams: Dodgers, Lakers, Kings, Raiders (formerly from LA), and the USC Trojans. My favorite sport is soccer, but I love to play, watch, and discuss all sports.

I'm a college student at a small school you've probably never heard of. I was born and raised in Houston with a love for the Texans, Rockets and Astros, but my real passion lies with the Boston Red Sox. I love to watch, talk and tweet about sports, but I'm extremely untalented when it comes to playing them.

Father of two and have lived in the Nashville area my entire life. Grew up a Chicago Bears fan but adopted the Titans when they moved to Tennessee. Diehard Notre Dame fan as well, and I also root for Vanderbilt. Highly dislike the University of Tennessee.

SANDRA NEVINS - Guest Contributor
I live in the beautiful state of Colorado, yet vehemently despise all its sports teams. I haven't let geography nor family tradition dictate my allegiances. Football is my great love, and I have made it my life-long goal to attend a game at each and every NFL stadium. Walter Payton is my all-time favorite player, and I obsess over fantasy football way more than I should.

TODD STEPP - Guest Contributor  
I'm a husband, daddy, St. Louis Cardinals fanatic, sports freak in general, professional lawn mower, love-cat, social media wannabe, concert goer, twitterer, music lover, Nashvillian, expert tailgater and iPhone obsessor.

DAVID DYSART - Guest Contributor
I'm in the Navy and my passion is sports. I have two wonderful boys and a beautiful wife. My favorite teams are the Dallas Cowboys, St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Bulls. I also love Mizzou sports and UNC basketball.

KYLE MALINOWSKI - Guest Contributor
I was born and raised in Illinois, but have lived in Kansas the last two years as a graduate student at KU. I love my Jayhawks, the New England Patriots and St. Louis Cardinals. I'm also an avid sports memorabilia collector and fantasy football player.

CHANA ELGIN - Guest Contributor
I'm a senior broadcast journalism student at Texas Tech University, with a devotion to the Houston Texans and Rockets. Also a friend to any team that isn't the Dallas Cowboys.

SHAYNE CARNAHAN - Guest Contributor
I'm always very opinionated and down to talk sports on any level. Used to play football, basketball and run track until I tore my ACL. After that, I decided covering sports was the safer way to go. I'd say football is my favorite sport, with my favorite team being the Oklahoma Sooners.

TIM GORMAN - Guest Contributor
I'm a college student who's always down to talk sports anytime. Football is my favorite sport, and I'm a big fan of the Kansas City Chiefs and Atlanta Falcons. I also pull for the St. Louis Cardinals and Denver Nuggets.