March 22, 2011

The NFL Lockout Could Mean UFL Gold

By - Brian Harrington

After moving the opening of it's 2011 season up to August to capitalize on the possibility of there being no NFL games at that time, the UFL is taking yet another step. One that could have some interesting implications.

Photo by: UFL Images
The UFL is working on setting up a structure that would allow current NFL players to sign contracts that would allow them to play until the NFL season finally starts, and then leave whenever they feel like it, regardless what point of the UFL season that falls into. The UFL has already hired former NFL coaches and several former NFL players play on the teams currently, this deal has the potential to make the UFL a lot more relevant and could even give the NFL some much needed competition.

In my opinion, this is a smart move by the UFL. I think it would be highly beneficial to both leagues. It would bring in more fans and more money for the UFL, and it could even help in maybe showing the NFL owners that no matter what they do, these players are going to find a way to play. My only real concern is that with only 5 teams total, could the UFL really handle opening the NFL floodgates?

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