March 17, 2011

Randy, Move on Already

By - Kris Fletcher

When the New England Patriots traded Randy Moss to the Minnesota Vikings last season, I was absolutely LIVID. I thought they had basically just tanked their own season for a lousy draft pick. In fact, I was SO MAD that I nearly decided to wash my hands of New England totally and just pick a new favorite team.

Of course, I eventually got over it. After all, going 14-2 will make ANY mid-season move seem like the right one. And it was the right one, for New England anyway. For Randy Moss on the other hand, well that's a different story.

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Wednesday during a phone interview on KFAN AM-1130 in Minnesota, Moss was once again singing the praises of the Patriots, the same way he has been since the day they showed him the door. "If you're asking me where my heart is," Moss said, "It's in New England." He went on to say, "I loved playing with Tom Brady, and I loved being coached by Bill Belichick. Just all the success I had there and everything the New England Patriots stand for, I loved it all."

Well, I guess you should have thought about all that before you went on all your random rants during the first several weeks of last season. You, and you alone Randy, have caused your own demise.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a BIG Randy Moss fan. I was before he ever even signed with New England. A fan of Randy Moss the FOOTBALL PLAYER, not Randy Moss the PERSON.

When Moss actually cares, and WANTS to play, he's unstoppable. Remember what he, Tom Brady and the entire New England squad did back in 2007? Moss had a record 23 touchdown receptions, Brady had a record 50 touchdown passes, the team had a perfect 16-0 regular season and were a lucky hail mary chuck by Eli Manning to David Tyree in the final minutes of Super Bowl 42 away from running the ENTIRE TABLE and going a PERFECT 19-0. THAT Randy Moss, was a BEAST. He even managed to put together a solid season the following year, when Brady went down in week one and New England had to go with backup Matt Cassel the remainder of the season. Well needless to say, he's no Tom Brady. Yet, Randy Moss still produced.

But in 2009, the complaining started. Just a little here and there, but still, the signs of what always happens with Randy began to show, just like everyone knew they eventually would. Of course, it boiled over into last season and before it got out of hand, Moss was shipped out. To say it was all down hill after that is an understatement. He didn't even manage to stay in Minnesota a month before his mouth went to running and they just flat out released him. Once he was picked up by the Titans, he was about as productive as a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest.

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Do I think that Randy's skill have deteriorated SO MUCH that he is NOW what he WAS during his stint with the Titans? No, I don't. Really, I think he could still be the #1 receiver on almost any team in the NFL, just not New England.

The Patriots got better once Moss left because they got back to the basics. Rather than throw several deep balls to Randy during the course of a game regardless of if he were open or not, they went back to relying on the most accurate passer in football utilizing the guys around him and getting them the ball in the situations they could do the most damage in. No more bombs away. Now short, intermediate, methodical. The same way the Patriots played when they won three Super Bowls in a four year span. Plus, despite the fact he's an amazing talent, no longer having Moss in the locker room bitching and moaning all the time, had to be a relief.

Randy's mouth got him dumped in New England and Minnesota, and the lack of anything even REMOTELY resembling a quarterback in Tennessee is what made him look like his days of being a dominate receiver are over. I think he can be dominate again, but not until he realizes that his days in New England are DONE.

Stop talking about how much you love Brady, Belichick and the New England way Randy. What good is going to come out of it? Do you think they're just gonna welcome you back with open arms? It's not going to happen. I know you regretted running your mouth the SECOND they traded you to Minnesota, but what's done is done. For YOUR sake, if you EVER wanna get back to being a dominate receiver again like you WERE with the Patriots, you have to just let it go already.

If not, then have fun continuing to have the kind of season totals you put up last year, for the remainder of your career. All the while, thinking about the great team and situation you managed to talk your way out of in New England.

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  1. Jets are apparently interested in picking him up. Hope he doesn't sign with them.