March 27, 2011

Top 10 Most Overrated Things in the NFL

By - Brian Harrington

With the NFL draft coming up in a few weeks, I toyed with the idea of doing a mock draft. But, I still think it's a little too early for that. So I've decided to do some "top" lists for your collective amusement. First up, is the top 10 most overrated things in the NFL.

10. Draft Position - It's become more and more evident over the years that where you pick in the first few rounds of the draft has no real bearing on how good the player you pick actually is or will be. Examples: Terrell Davis and Tom Brady were 6th round picks, JaMarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf were 1st round ones. It's not WHERE you're picking, it's WHO you take with the pick.

9. Kickoff Returns - This is updated to accommodate the new rule change. I think for at least the next couple of seasons, you will see only a fraction of kicks returned for any real substantial yardage.

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8. Trash Talk - Have you noticed that the biggest trash talkers in the game are also some of the most overrated players? I feel it's no coincidence.

7. Playing "Conservative" - Mostly at the end of the first half. I'm sorry but if I have the better part of a minute and a half and the ball at my own 30, I'm taking some shots. Throw a few deep, make sure they don't get picked, and move about your way. Just stop kneeling on it please.

6. Controlling the Clock - I think it's been proven that if you have a potent offense, like a New England or New Orleans, it doesn't really matter what your time of possession is. You can score when and how you need to most of the time. Milking the clock with a pounding rushing attack is sadly becoming more extinct in modern football.

5. Terrible Towel - Seriously people, it's JUST a towel.

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4. Not Trashing Your Opponent - I am sick and tired of hearing coaches and players blow smoke up the opposing coaches and players they either are about to play, or just played. It's seriously disheartening.

3. Broadcast - Give me facts, give me insight, hell give me a little color commentary. But don't sit there and give me EXACT play by play like I'm not watching the SAME thing you are. And PLEASE, in the name of God above, get rid of Cris Collinsworth, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.

2. Arm Strength - Watch ANY draft "expert" over the last 10 years, and arm strength always comes up. They'll say games are won and lost by how strong a quarterback's arm is. Garbage. I have a pretty weak arm as far as throwing a football goes, but I guarantee you I can still throw one a good 45-50 yards. And how many times a game do you ACTUALLY throw balls any deeper than 30 or 40 yards anyway, much less further?

1. Peyton's Super Bowl Win - Don't let the Bears 13-3 record that season fool you. That team had NO BUSINESS being in the Super Bowl. Rex Grossman threw 20 interceptions and the team was 21st in the league on 3rd down percentage, yet somehow they still only allowed 15.9 PPG. But congrats Peyton, I guess you're no Marino.

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  1. 1-5 are classics. But I have to say, it seems like #4 and #8 kinda contradict one another... Lol

  2. I'm thinking it should be a Top 5 lol

  3. Stuff like the terrible towels are what make the NFL great. Just my opinion.

  4. That's like saying the vuvuzela makes soccer great, the fans and players are what make the NFL, not trinkets. But that's my opinion.