April 11, 2011

Nascar Needs a Savior

By - Kris Fletcher

Dale Earnhardt was killed in an accident at Daytona over ten years ago. In some ways, Nascar has yet to recover from it.

I mean, it's hard to get interested in something that has a current champion going for a 6-peat this year. When you know what the end result is going to be, why bother even tuning in?

At least Earnhardt would have put Jimmie Johnson into the wall by now.

Johnson has now been the champion for the last HALF DECADE. If you ask me, it passed being ridiculous like two championships ago. The main reason people like watching the NFL, the NBA and MLB is because every season is different from the previous one. You never know who's going to go from worst to first, or vice versa. Nascar is in SERIOUS need of that kind of parity.

Photo by: Todd Warshaw
One of several things about Nascar that's ignorant is the points system. That's what cost Kevin Harvick the title LAST year. He dominated the majority of the season, only to have his big points lead reduced back down to nothing once the actual "chase" part of the season began.

The guys that are the most consistent throughout the ENTIRE year shouldn't be punished for the final ten races just to try and make things interesting. You want interesting? Have Johnson NOT win the championship for once. Then you'll have it.

To me, Harvick has to be one of the front-runners to win it all. He already has two wins under his belt in the early going this year. On a personal note, he's my favorite driver, so I'm totally pulling for him.

After winning the final two races of the season last November, and already getting to victory lane once through the first four races this year, Carl Edwards should be a factor in the title chase as well. If nothing else, I hope he wins a few more races. That way, I may still get my wish of seeing him not complete one of his victory backflips all the way, and face planting right on the concrete.

Other drivers that have a good shot at being in this year's title hunt include: Tony Stewart, Kyle Busch, Kurt Busch, Matt Kenseth and Jeff Gordon.

Coming into the year, I also thought Denny Hamlin had to be considered a favorite, but he's off to a slow start and currently stands 20th in the points. Last season, he notched a Sprint Cup season-high eight wins, and finished only 39 points back of Johnson in the final standings. He needs to get back on track fast if he wants to be a factor this year.

At this point though, I don't even care WHO it is. Just someone, PLEASE end Jimmie Johnson's reign. Nascar needs a savior. If it doesn't get one, I may just have to change the channel...for good.

I doubt I'll be the only one that will.


  1. It would really help Nascar if Dale Jr. was actually a good driver, but apparently thats never going to happen. He's not his daddy thats for sure.

  2. Yeah Nascar just hasn't been the same since Dale Sr. died. I rarely watch it now. I think Jimmie Johnson always winning the championship has really hurt the sport as well.