April 4, 2011

Why Butler Won't Be Denied

By - Kris Fletcher

I've heard countless people make their prediction for this evenings National Championship Game in Houston. I'm STILL waiting to hear SOMEONE pick Butler to win it.

Apparently, no one has been watching the same NCAA Tournament I have.

Photo by: Robert Galbraith
While I'll be the first to agree that Connecticut has the best PLAYER in Kemba Walker, Butler has the best overall TEAM. That's why when the final horn sounds tonight, they'll be the champions.

Here's three reason's why the Bulldogs will be cutting down the nets:

1. Shelvin Mack: The junior point guard doesn't get near the hype that the aforementioned Walker gets, but he can be just as dangerous. He showed that Saturday in Butler's national semifinal victory against Virginia Commonwealth by scoring 10-straight points in the second half to bust the game open. He's averaging over 16 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists per game in the tournament. And know this; when Butler needs a clutch play, it will be Mack that makes it.

2. Matt Howard: He leads Butler in scoring (16.7 points per game) and rebounding (7.8 per game). He can score inside and out, and has a knack for making big hustle plays in key situations. Also, his 3-point shooting ability will be a problem for Connecticut's big men, as he's shooting over 40% from behind the arc this season. Like Mack, Howard is an overlooked star of college basketball.

3. Brad Stevens: After the job this guy has done with the Bulldogs each of the last two seasons, he's bordering on genius status. He has the uncanny ability to make all the right moves to keep his team in big games. He's so crafty, that it's hard to believe he's only 34-years-old. He's sure to have a defensive plan that will slow UConn's one-man team in Walker, and he'll make the in-game adjustments on-the-fly necessary to outwit his veteran counterpart, coach Jim Calhoun.

Photo by: Erik Gay
Butler may be an 8-seeded mid-major team, but they sure don't play like one. Ask the Pittsburgh Panthers. Or Wisconsin Badgers. Or Florida Gators.

After the Bulldogs win one for the little guys tonight, you can ask the Huskies, too.


  1. Butler's not get by UConn and Kemba. Their luck officially runs out tonight.

  2. Butler's not going to win it. Kemba is gonna dominate them. I say UConn by wins by double-digits.

  3. I just don't see an 8-seed winning it all. Sorry.

  4. Butler did something alright. They had the worst shooting performance in title game history. Awful.