June 9, 2011

CFL Team Eyes Terrelle Pryor

By - Kris Fletcher

The Associated Press is reporting that the Saskatchewan Roughriders have acquired the negotiating rights to Terrelle Pryor.

This comes only about 24 hours after Pryor announced that he had no intentions of returning to Ohio State for his senior year.

Photo by: Marvin Fong
He is currently at the center of an NCAA investigation into improper benefits. ESPN's Outside the Lines published a report on Tuesday stating that Pryor may have received upwards of $40,000 a year for signed sports memorabilia.

Pryor's laywer, Larry James, said that his client is pondering several options. He may enter the NFL's supplemental draft, play in the Canadian Football League, or possibly just take a year off to train and prepare for the 2012 NFL draft. James told Roughriders general manager Brendan Taman that Pryor would need until next week to decide which route he was going to take.

While the CFL might not be Pryor's first choice, it could be his only one. The Roughriders have said that he would be looked at strictly as a quarterback with them. The NFL has projected Pryor as a wide receiver or tight end. So, if he wants to remain a signal caller, you do the math.

I'm sure at this point, Buckeye fans would love nothing more than to see this guy head north of the border and never return. Jim Tressel may have turned a blind eye to what was going on with his program, but a lot of that was done in part to cover Pryor's hind end. In my opinion, Pryor was the real straw that stirred that toxic drink.

Anyway, have fun in Canada slick. Your mediocre skill set won't be needed in the NFL. The Tom Brady's and Peyton Manning's of the league already have plenty of guys running to fetch their water for them.

UPDATE: Pryor has announced he will hire an agent and enter the NFL's supplemental draft.


  1. I actually think Pryor has potential to be an NFL quarterback. If Cam Newton does, so does Pryor.

  2. Pryor's mobile enough that if he becomes a more accurate passer, he could be a solid NFL qb.