August 21, 2011

Two Men Shot Following 49ers Preseason Game

By - Kris Fletcher

Police continue to search for suspects after gunfire erupted in the stadium parking lot following the San Francisco 49ers/Oakland Raiders preseason game last night.

Photo by: Getty Images
According to police, the two victims, whose names have not yet been released, remain in San Francisco General Hospital. One with life-threatening injuries, the other with less serious wounds. It isn't known if the shootings were linked.

A number of fights were also reported during the game, but there is no indication they had any connection to the violence outside of the stadium.

Photo by: Ben Margot
In one instance, a San Rafael man was assaulted and knocked unconscious in a men's restroom. Police said he was later hospitalized and that a suspect had been arrested.

The attacks come about five months after San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow was beaten by two men in Los Angeles Dodgers gear outside of Dodger Stadium following the season opener. Two suspects have been charged in that case and have pleaded not guilty.


  1. The guy with life threatening injuries supposedly had on a shirt that said "F--- the 49ers." That was probably a poor choice of attire on his part. Those Raider fans can be nuts.

  2. The guys dad gave an interview and said the reports of his son wearing that shirt are "totally false."