September 1, 2011

Chris Johnson: Open Mouth, Insert Foot

By - Kris Fletcher

Even though I'm not a fan of the Tennessee Titans, I always liked Chris Johnson. That was until yesterday, when he made the same mistake so many other dumb athletes before him have made, in taking to Twitter and vilifying himself in all of about 140 characters.

Photo by: Streeter Lecka
Not that he wasn't already doing a bang up job of looking like a bad guy to most simply by holding out, but then getting online and telling people to "STFU," among other things, isn't going to win him many popularity contests.

I actually agree with Chris Johnson in that he should get paid. The NFL isn't like other professional sports. Contracts aren't guaranteed. Every play, guys are a misplaced tackle away from being unemployed, so I understand where he's coming from in wanting a big payday now. The Titans have already said they'll make him the highest paid running back in the league, but that's just not good enough. Johnson wants top five player in the league money. He wants to crack this list:

1. Peyton Manning: Quarterback, Indianapolis Colts - $23 million
2. Sam Bradford: Quarterback, St. Louis Rams - $18.4 million
3. Tom Brady: Quarterback, New England Patriots - $18 million
4. Michael Vick: Quarterback, Philadelphia Eagles - $15.9 million
5. Richard Seymour: Defensive Tackle, Oakland Raiders - $15 million

Of those guys, the only two that are actually worthy of being in the top five are Manning and Brady. News flash, Chris Johnson isn't worthy of it either. He's not one of the top five best players in the NFL. He's not even the best running back in the league, so the fact that Tennessee is willing to compensate him as such is actually pretty generous on their part.

This isn't about what Johnson is or isn't worth though. Players are "worth" whatever an organization is willing to shell out to them. No, this is about the following:

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First off, what is a "fake" fan exactly? I don't get it. Is that someone that dresses in team apparel but doesn't actually like football or something? A fan is a fan in my book, and they're entitled to their opinion of him. What Chris Johnson doesn't seem to get, is that THE FANS are the ones that pay his salary. So, if they wanna harp on him for holding out, he probably should just bite his tongue and not say, or in this case tweet, anything.

Furthermore, as he so elegantly put it, he "don't have a regular job." No, he plays in the National Football League, which is a privilege, not a right. To get on his little computer or phone and type something up so petty makes him look like he belongs in the XFL instead.

Also, given the fact that every time he opens his mouth or tweets he comes off as someone with about a fifth grade education, it's probably in his best interest to just stop all forms of communication entirely. I mean, the correct terminology is, "I COULDN'T care less."

Not too long ago when Johnson was asked how a meeting with Titans management went, he replied with, "things got WORST." Can somebody get this dude a dictionary or thesaurus already?

But hey, keep tweetin' it up my man. There's no doubt you're more athletically inclined than 99.9% of the "fake fans" you wanna complain about. However, it would be hard for you, or anyone else for that matter, to try an argue that you're SMARTER than ANYONE.

You should heed your own advice bro, and "STFU."


  1. One word comes to mind after reading this- AWESOME.

  2. This has me fired up already this morning. Well done young man.

  3. Your a fool if you think C.J. isnt one of the 5 best players in the NFL. Who exactly is better?!?!? Titans need to show him the money.

  4. Chris Johnson isn't as good as he thinks he is. He needs to shut his mouth and be glad he gets to play in the NFL.

  5. Chris Johnson is sucha ass!

  6. This is what you guys do best. Give your opinions on stuff! I can get scores and injury news from anywhere, but what people wanna read is opinions opinions opinions. This is the type of stuff that can get a convo started around the water cooler. Nicely done Kris!

  7. "What is a fake fan exactly? I don't get it." LMFAO Priceless!

  8. For real. He then back tracked saying only fake fans would be offended. I have season tickets and I'm offended. I don't shell out that kind of money every year because I look cute in a jersey. No, son, I'm hardcore. He needs to stop taking to twitter because every time he does he just pisses off more people and makes him self look even more uneducated.

  9. Anyway I can nominate this for some sort of award? Lol You sir have the gift!

  10. They resigned him a few minutes ago. Not that that should surprise anyone. Interested in seeing how the fans react to him coming back. And not to get off topic, but is it just me, or is "pixie in pumps" hot? :p

  11. This made my day. Bravo!

  12. He was resigned for 30 million guaranteed. I was hoping they'd ship him to Cleveland. Or Cincy. Anywhere in Ohio would have been good. Pixie in Pumps does have a good look about her. If we're going to go there though, the guy that wrote this is pretty damn hot himselffff. ;) Gotta spread the love!

  13. I couldn't have said this better myself. My 3 year old has a Johnson jersey that he will no longer be wearing because i don't want my child being connected in any way shape or form to that fool.


  15. Wow. I figured some people would disagree with me or tell me I was out of line, and instead almost everyone agrees. I'm shocked. Lol

    And "Anonymous," as far as running backs go, Adrian Peterson is better. Entire league at all positions wise, Brady is better. Peyton is better. Andre Johnson is better. Fitzgerald is better. Revis is better. Should I keep going? That already puts C.J. outside of the top five. Sorry.

  16. Everyone should be agreeing, because your dead on. I needed a good laugh after a long day at work. Thanks! Lol

  17. Well I'm going to disagree. If people are making rude comments directed towards CJ, the man has a right to reply back. He took to twitter. So what? Way too much was made out of it. Glad the Titans finally paid him.