September 27, 2011

New York Post Depicts Michael Vick as a Baby

By - Kris Fletcher

For those of you who missed it, Michael Vick thought he got a raw deal from the officials in Sunday's game against the New York Giants:

"I'm on the ground constantly. All the time," Vick said. "Every time I throw the ball, in all my highlights or just watching film in general, I'm on the ground or getting hit in the head. I don't know why I don't get the 15-yard flags like every other quarterback does."

The New York Post decided to put Vick on blast for his complaints about the referees, by depicting him as a pouting baby in today's edition.

Photo from:
So lets see, already this season we've seen Vick photo shopped as a white guy, now add baby to the list. What's next, as a chick rockin' the mini-skirt?

I actually saw the game, and don't recall a single instance where I thought Vick was hit late or received any type of "cheap" shot. He was hit several times once he got outside of the pocket, but the way I see, if he wants to act like he's a running back half the time, he should be prepared to be hit like one.

The thing that irritates me the most about this whole fiasco is the fact that I've heard all kinds of people say this bashing of Vick is a race related. Ohh, of course. Once again the old race card gets whipped out.

One guy on sports talk radio this morning said, "It's funny how if Michael Vick struggles he gets ripped on, but Tom Brady can throw 4 interceptions in one game and no one says a word about it."

Well the big difference in the two is, Brady threw 4 interceptions, but still managed to throw 4 touchdowns, while also putting up nearly 400 yards passing. Meaning, even though he struggled, he still produced.

For the most part, Vick has looked like complete garbage the first three games of the year. So in all actuality, this isn't a QB being bashed because he's black, it's a QB being bashed because he's looked awful. This coming after he just signed a brand new $100 million dollar contract less than a month ago.

Photo by: John Amis
As far as I'm concerned, both Vick and the Eagles deserve all the criticism they're getting. Vick for not producing, and the Eagles for actually being dumb enough to think his overall performance last season wasn't just a complete fluke to begin with (like Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Lloyd's for example).

So Andy Reid, how's that whole "super" team thing comin' along?...


  1. Nowadays the New York Post is about like the National Enquirer. Its a total joke.

  2. Vick needs to stop complaining and start producing.

  3. That pic is way better than the one of him as a white guy. I knew the Eagles would struggle. Nothing "super" about them.

  4. Of course you justify Brady having a bad game, cause he can do no wrong as far as you're concerned. Vick hasn't looked like "garbage" all year. He looked good in week 1. Why don't you wait until the season is more than a few weeks old before you start bashing the guy? Still a LONG way to go. And the NY Post is complete crap btw.

  5. Image is fitting since all Vick does is whine all the time.

  6. Every paper that comes out of New York is ridiculous. They'll print anything to try and sell some papers.

  7. Adam B. - What are you talking about? I didn't justify anything. I said he still produced, which he did. 3 of those 4 interceptions weren't even Brady's fault.