October 8, 2011

Ohio High School Football Player Pricks Opposing Team With Tack

By - Brian Harrington

What a (ahem) prick. Last week, an Ohio high school football player placed a sharp object, believed to be a tack, in his glove before walking through a postgame handshake line, pricking the hands of twenty-seven opponents as he walked through and "congratulated" them on a game well played.

Photo from: bridgeandtunnelclub.com
Following Washington Court House High School's 26-0 rout of McLain High, twenty-seven members of the losing team were pricked, forcing them to receive tetanus shots. Greenfield, Ohio Police Chief Tim Hester said the suspect is a 16-year-old at Washington Court, who didn't even participate in the game. He had been ruled ineligible and spent the entire game on the sidelines.

"We walked across the 50-yard line and supposedly one of the guys had tacks in his glove. Nobody knew about it. I was far back enough in the line that everyone started to turn around and I got out of the way," said Michael Aeh, a McClain football player.

"They felt the pain of it when it occurred and they thought maybe they had hit a nerve or something," said Dr. Dan Strain, McClain High School principal. "Then some of them looked down at their hands and saw blood."

While the McLain players who suffered hand injuries because of the stunt were upset about the incident, local police also opened an investigation and contacted the mother of the suspect, who in turn told Greenfield Police Chief Tim Hester that she planned to hire an attorney to defend her son.


  1. Kid that did it needs to be expelled for the rest of the year.

  2. I'd love to meet that kids parents. I'm sure they're real high-class folks.