November 29, 2011

The B/B Podcast - Justin Verlander, Ndamukong Suh and the NBA Lockout

By - Kris Fletcher & Brian Harrington

Once again, The Bleacher Briefings is back with another stellar podcast packed full of this week's most talked about sports topics!

- Verlander MVP Worthy?: Detroit starting pitcher Justin Verlander added the AL MVP Award to his trophy case last week, but does a pitcher deserve an award that's primarily given to every day position players?

- A Suh Load of Controversy: Ndamukong Suh's actions in the Thanksgiving game against the Green Bay Packers were completely unacceptable. Should Roger Goodell suspend him for the remainder of the season?

Photo by: Getty Images
- NBA Lockout Ends: Now that the NBA season is finally on the horizon, which teams have the best chance to dethroned the Dallas Mavericks?

Also, emails from our subscribers:

- Texans in Trouble?: With Houston now down to their third-string quarterback, can they still make the playoffs?

- No Postseason For Us?: Which NFL teams saw their playoff hopes go up in smoke this past weekend? We'll tell you.

All this and much more in this week's edition of The Bleacher Briefings podcast!

*We're sorry, but this episode is no longer available. For previous B/B podcasts, check us out on iTunes [here].


  1. Nice job guys. May have been your best one yet.

  2. Nice Suh rant. Hahaha Goodell actually handed down his suspension today. Just 2 games. Keep up the good work guys.

  3. Dude, you sound country as hell. Lol Enjoyed listening to it though.

  4. Pretty cool that you guys are doing podcasts now also. I really liked the Suh segment of it.

  5. Very cool that you guys read my email. Thanks alot. Enjoyed the show.