November 30, 2011

Chester McGlockton Dead at 42

By - Kris Fletcher

Former Los Angeles / Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Chester McGlockton died early Wednesday morning. He was 42. The cause of death has not yet been determined.

Photo by: Chris Stewart
McGlockton joined the Raiders in 1992 as a first-round draft pick out of Clemson. In his third season, he was named to the first of four Pro Bowls during an NFL career that spanned twelve seasons.

He had worked the past two years as a defensive assistant at Stanford.

Raiders assistant offensive line coach Steve Wisniewski, a teammate of McGlockton's from 1992-97, called the loss of his friend "tragic."

"I spoke to Chester yesterday, as a matter of fact," Wisniewski said. "He had a great day with his girls and was looking forward to a few slow weeks as Stanford prepares for a bowl game, so he could have some more family time. I just can't express how tragic it is to lose someone like that at only 42."

While McGlockton had a lengthy playing career, it didn't come without a steep price to his body.

He told Bay Area News Group columnist Carl Steward in 2008 that he battled pain on a daily basis as a result of years spent pounding on offensive linemen.

"I don't know if I could do it as a career because I don't know if I could put in all the hours," McGlockton told Steward about coaching. "My body just can't put up with it. But right now, God has me here, so that's where I'm going to take it. If I didn't enjoy it so much, I wouldn't be doing it. I'm in too much pain."

McGlockton played at around 335 pounds during his NFL career. In 2007, he went through a procedure that helped him lose 60 pounds.

"The lap-band surgery helped tremendously," McGlockton said. "It makes me eat like I'm supposed to. But I still can't work out or go run. It just hurts too much. What's scary is, I'm only 39. God forbid when I get to 50, 60. I'm just hoping I can still walk."

Sadly, he never reached that point in his life.

McGlockton is survived by his wife Zina and two children.

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