November 15, 2011

Our Premiere Podcast

By - Kris Fletcher, Brian Harrington & Todd Stepp

As promised, The Bleacher Briefings premiere podcast is finally here!

For over nine months, we've brought you all sports topics, all the time via the website. Now, we're hitting the airwaves as well!

In our first show, we take a look at the hottest sports topics from this past week:

- The Penn State Scandal: How long will it take the school to recover from this, and who are possible coaching candidates heading into next season?

Photo by: Chris Koleno
- The AFC Front-Runner: In a season filled with parity, right now, who is the best team in the AFC?

- New Skipper in St. Louis: Mike Matheny is the new manager for the champion Cardinals, but is he the right man for the job, and will slugger Albert Pujols be back next season?

Also, emails from our subscribers:

- Dirty Detroit: Are the Lions the NFL's dirtiest team?

- Cutler's Status: Is Chicago's Jay Cutler one of the ten best quarterbacks in the National Football League?

All this and much, much more! Enjoy!

*We're sorry, but this episode is no longer available. For previous B/B podcasts, check us out on iTunes [here].


  1. Really impressive considering it was your first one. You guys sound real knowledgeable on the topics you cover.

  2. Spent my lunch break listening to this. Really cool guys. A few questions- 1. Will this be available on iTunes at some point? and 2. Is it always going to be like 50 minutes long? I only get 45 minutes for lunch. Hahaha

  3. We actually wanted to only do about 30 min and got on a roll lol It is up for approval for itunes so hopefully sometime soon

  4. It's a little long, but aside from that, I really enjoyed listening to it. You going to try and post them the same day every week or what?

  5. One of the better podcasts I've heard that wasn't a professional one. You guys know what you're talking about. Nice job.

  6. Quick word to pass along. The Bleacher Briefings podcast has officially been approved and accepted on iTunes, so you can take us with you wherever you go now! Go to "Follow" under the "About Us" section for a direct link.