November 3, 2011

Patriots Receiver Arrested on Assault Charges

By - Kris Fletcher

The agent for New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman says his client will "vigorously" fight a charge that he groped a woman during a Halloween party at a Boston nightclub this past weekend.

Photo by: Dwight Lowery
At a brief court hearing yesterday, a not guilty plea was entered for Edelman to a charge of indecent assault and battery, and he was released on personal recognizance.

He is due back in court on January 10th.

"The charges will be fought vigorously within the court system, instead of a rush to judgment elsewhere. We have no further comment beyond that," agent Don Yee said in a statement.

Police were called to the Storyville nightclub at about 1:30 a.m. Saturday and met a woman who said Edelman reached under her costume and grabbed her crotch, according to the criminal complaint application.

A witness who was with the woman said he observed Edelman bump into her and then saw her face "change into an expression of shock," the application said.

The woman and witness told police they then approached the nightclub staff and asked to have Edelman thrown out. Instead, the staff ejected the alleged victim and witness.

The nightclub manager told police he saw the witness threatening to beat up Edelman on the dance floor. Nonetheless, the receiver was arrested outside the club, where he denied having touched the woman to police.

At his arraignment, Edelman was ordered to stay away from the nightclub, and to have no contact with the woman or witness. Prosecutors did not ask for bail to be set, but they did request a protective order on the woman's address, which the judge granted.

This is the second time in the span of a few weeks where a player has brought negative attention to the organization. Second-year tight end Rob Gronkowski made headlines last month when photos of him with adult film actress BiBi Jones surfaced on Twitter.

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As a diehard Patriots fan, I'm rapidly reaching my wits end with this kind of garbage. This is New England, not Cincinnati. These types of things aren't supposed to happen on this team. Furthermore, it's one thing when it's transpiring and you're winning. It's quite another when it's going on and you just got manhandled by a Steelers squad you typically own.

Tom Brady's not getting any younger, and the defense continues to look absolutely awful. Bill Belichick better hurry up and get a handle on this group, or yet another year filled with high hopes and Super Bowl aspirations will go by unfulfilled.


  1. I agree. If they don't get focused they'll either miss the playoffs entirely or be one and done yet again. Very uncharacteristic actions by players on a Belichick team.

  2. If you get kicked out of a club for any reason, ever, than you should have no right to accuse someone of assault in a 24 hour period.

  3. This weekends game against the Giants will go a long way towards showing what this team is really made of. I don't want to call it a "must-win" but its close. Need a "W" big time to get back on track.

  4. Probably doesn't matter at this point who gets arrested, who has their picture taken with porn stars, or anything else for that matter. The defense is terrible, and teams have figured out if you jam the receivers their offense isn't anywhere near as effective. Patriots are in trouble.

  5. The whole thing sounds suspect to me. It's probably just some woman thinking she can get a quick buck by getting some kind of out of court settlement.

  6. I agree with William. Seems fishy to me also. Agree with Daniel also in that this weekends game is big.