November 2, 2011

SEC Suspends Arkansas Wideout For Vicious Hit

By - Brian Harrington

Southeastern Conference Commissioner Mike Slive has suspended University of Arkansas freshman wide receiver Marquel Wade one game for his big hit on Vanderbilt punt returner Jonathan Krause this past Saturday that was deemed an unsportsmanlike act.

Photo by: Rick McFarland
The hit, which can be seen here in its entirety, came midway through the third quarter of the Razorbacks nail-biting 31-28 win. The league says Wade broke rules for flagrantly interfering with the opportunity to catch a kick and for leading with the crown of his helmet. He will now be forced to sit out an important conference game against #10 South Carolina.

The freshman apologized Monday, saying he thought Krause already had the ball. Wade was ejected and had to be led to the locker room by the strength and conditioning coach.

Having seen the hit, I highly disagree that he thought that. Then again, maybe if he hadn't been leading with his helmet in the first place, he would have seen what was going on a little better.


  1. That hit was brutal. He should have gotten more then just a one game suspension.

  2. A hit like that in the NFL would have cost Wade about 50K. He should consider himself lucky that in this instance it's only costing him one game.

  3. I actually miss seeing these types of hits more often. With all the focus being on player safety now, hits like that are pretty much a thing of the past.

    Having said that, it was still a pretty cheap shot regardless. Lol

  4. He thought he already had the ball? That's laughable. Completely uncalled for.

  5. Vandy had a chance to tie the game with a really short field goal in the final few seconds and missed it. Double ouch.

  6. Damn!!! Dude got lit up! I love it.

  7. I might believe Marquel Wade if he wouldn't have taunted the Vanderbilt crowd after being ejected.

    Another thing that should be getting attention is Arkansas's radio broadcasters referring to this hit as "inadvertent contact"...