December 6, 2011

The B/B Podcast - Donovan McNabb, BCS Bowls and Brett Favre

By - Kris Fletcher & Brian Harrington

The Bleacher Briefings is back with yet another podcast packed full of this week's most talked about sports topics!

- End of the Road For McNabb?: The Vikings released quarterback Donovan McNabb last week. Are his playing days now over? And if so, is he a future Hall of Famer?

- LSU vs. Alabama, Take 2: The Crimson Tide get another crack at the Tigers, but are they the team that should be playing LSU for the title?

Photo by: Getty Images
- Favre to Chicago Talk: Supposedly, Brett Favre would be willing to listen if the Bears gave him a call. With Chicago's season now spiraling out of control, should they consider bringing Favre in?

Also, emails from our subscribers:

- Intriguing BCS Match Ups: Aside from LSU-Alabama, what other BCS games could be well worth watching?

- Saints a Legit Threat? With the Packers on a collision course with perfection, are the New Orleans Saints the only team in the NFC that has a shot at ending Green Bay's run?

All this and more in this week's edition of The Bleacher Briefings podcast!

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  1. I agree that the Oklahoma State-Stanford game should be a good one. I'm interested in seeing how Luck does in his last college game.

  2. Bears say they have no desire to sign Favre. That puts an end to that one.