December 4, 2011

LSU/Alabama Should Play For the BCS Title

By - Todd Stepp

LSU and Alabama should definitely have a rematch to decide the BCS National Champion. Furthermore, if Alabama wins, I'm okay with a split National Title.

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Why should the Crimson Tide be penalized for playing in the best division (let alone the best conference) in NCAA football? Oh, right - because the BCS sucks. Alabama's schedule is tough, and other than the LSU game, they have absolutely obliterated their opponents. They owned #23 Penn State. They owned #14 Arkansas. They owned #12 Florida. They owned #24 Auburn. Owned. Seriously, go look at the scores and stats from these games.

Alabama may have lost a heartbreaking 9-6 contest to LSU back on November 5th, but they are the only team in college football worthy of hanging with LSU. Several people sent me messages on Twitter saying how boring these two teams made that game. I get it. Just watching three and out on most possessions doesn't make for entertaining football.

That said, if you're looking for entertainment when you watch football, then go watch Friday Night Lights, because the harsh reality is that you're not actually a fan of the game, you just want to be entertained.

Oklahoma State has had a hell of a season. If it wasn't for the misstep at Iowa State, they would be playing LSU and nobody would have any argument. However, they went to Ames and got outplayed and out coached in the double OT thriller. So bad, in fact, that OSU's star quarterback Brandon Weeden's Heisman bubble was immediately burst. Weeden threw three untimely interceptions and the Cowboys added another two fumbles, which resulted in 16 ISU points.

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Here's my beef with Oklahoma State: They played a decent Iowa State team, led 17-7 at the half and failed to put them away. It happens every year. A .500 team hosts a top ten team, wins, and then parties on the field while their fans rip down the goal posts. OSU's coach Mike Gundy attributed the loss partly on the plane crash earlier in the week that killed the OSU Women's basketball coach, an assistant and several others on board.

This will come across as insensitive until you let me explain, so hold your comments until you read this: The plane crash had nothing to do with the loss.

I understand it was emotional for the OSU players. I understand they played the game with heavy hearts. What I don't understand is blaming this tragedy for overtaking your perfect season. Did OSU's Brandon Weeden throw those three interceptions because his heart was heavy or because the ISU defense studied their tails off preparing for him? Did the two fumbles come from the OSU offense's failure to put aside their mourning or their inability to simply hang on to the ball?

Don't all excuses smell like defeat?

We're not talking about a bad Iowa State football team - this is definitely a team worthy of pulling off an upset. They may only be 6-6, but they beat the teams they were supposed to beat AND in addition to beating #2 OSU, they notched wins against Iowa (7-5), Northern Iowa (10-2) and then #20 Texas Tech. They also hung tough with #11 Kansas State, but lost by 7.

Bottom line is this - Iowa State would've won that game either way. They practiced hard, studied hard and followed through. They won and they deserved to win.

This weekend's drubbing of Oklahoma put Oklahoma State back in the title talk. I can see why it's a legit argument because they beat an Oklahoma team who was #1 at one point in the season. But the OU team that OSU beat the bejesus out of on Saturday isn't the same team who held that #1 ranking. OU has since lost arguably their best offensive player in Ryan Broyles. Mizzou hung with OU as did Texas A&M and Iowa State. OU was outgunned by Texas Tech and Baylor earlier this season before they were manhandled by Oklahoma State.

Now, let's talk about Alabama's only loss. Oh, that's right. It came against the best team in the land, and by only 3 points.

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I rest my case.


  1. Totally agree Todd. These are hands down the two best teams in the nation, and they need to play for the title.

  2. And what exactly is wrong with wanting to be ENTERTAINED by my football? Who wants to see another game full of field goals & 3 and outs? Screw that.

  3. They just need to hurry up and put a damn playoff system in place already.

  4. Well, it's now official. I'll not be watching the snoozefest. Let me know who wins.

  5. My problem is if Alabama wins they'll be champs in a seson where LSU had already beaten them. The two teams would almost need to play each other a third time to break the tie.

  6. David - you just clarified my point of needing to be entertained. Thanks for being the example!

    Mike - 100% with you. Except it won't ever happen.

    Bradley - Just like David, I'll bet you would have HATED watching the great Vince Lombardi coach games. He didn't want you to be entertained, he wanted you to watch great football.

    Kevin - I think both teams would be fine with a split national title. I also thought it would have been great to see Les Miles bench his starters in the SEC title game, knowing he'd be playing for the big game either way, just to piss everyone off.

  7. All I know is that Alabama better hope this game doesn't turn into a field goal kicking contest again, and if it does, it's nothing outside 35 yards, because their kicker Jeremy Shelley isn't worth a damn beyond that. Lol

  8. I'm actually looking forward to the rematch. Should be a classic. Hope Bama pulls it out this time around.