December 15, 2011

Paul to the Clippers: Good or Bad Deal For LA?

By - Kris Fletcher

Chris Paul, one of the most dynamic point guards in the NBA, is headed to the Los Angeles Clippers. Now the question is, did they give up too much to get him?

Since being drafted by the Hornets with the fourth overall pick in 2005, Paul has averaged 18.7 points and 9.9 assists a game.

Photo by: Getty Images
Impressive numbers to say the least. Still, the Clippers gave up an awful lot for a player who may only be around two years. Los Angeles acquired Paul from New Orleans in exchange for Eric Gordon, Chris Kaman, Al-Farouq Aminu and the unprotected #1 draft pick they had received from the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Gordon averaged 22.3 points last season and has to be considered one of the best shooting guards in the league. Initial reports had said the Clippers were unwilling to part with him, but in the end, they cracked. Kaman is a solid center who averaged 12.4 points and 7 rebounds last season, and Aminu is a second-year forward who averaged 5.6 points in 18 minutes a game as a rookie.

While the Clippers lost quite a bit of scoring power, they gained a backcourt that people are already saying should be better than their in-town rival. Just think, Chris Paul throwing alley-oops to Blake Griffin. The results should be nothing short of spectacular.

However, if Paul decides to leave as a free agent following the 2012-13 season, Los Angeles will be in a world of trouble. Especially when you take into consideration the fact that they just basically mortgaged the farm to get him.

Regardless, the trade has now brought a once-flailing franchise a huge amount of buzz. But in order for it to change the basketball pecking order in the city of Los Angeles, the Clippers must have immediate success.

That of course, is currently a work in progress.


  1. I think this could be a real turn of the tide for LA Basketball teams. I mean think about it, with Kobe Bryant getting old, the clippers if they can keep this team together seem a lot more talented than the Lakers in the next five years. I think the Lakers must get Howard or they will be really hurting.
    The only thing with the Clippers is you wait for something bad to happen. Danny Manning blows out his knee, Olawakandi was a complete bust, Blake Griffin misses his rookie season. Also, the Clippers cant rest a lot easier when Chris Paul signs his name to an extension that keeps him in LA. That's the most important thing, if Paul leaves then this trade is horrible, because you gave up a first round pick and Gordon. I think they are putting a lot of stock in that Paul will love to throw alley oops to Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan.
    Kris would you buy season tickets for the Clippers or Lakers if they were the same price? I would have to go Clippers, this is going to be a dunk fest. I still think they need a 2 guard like OJ Mayo or Crawford.

  2. You bring up a good point Kris. If he leaves in 2 years, this is an awful trade. I think alot of if he'll resign to a long term deal or not will be decided this season. If the team plays well and makes the playoffs, he'll be more likely to resign. Seems like the Hornets got the better end of the deal long term though.

  3. It pissed me off when Stern overturned the trade that would have sent Paul to the Lakers, but this might be an even better one. With Kobe, he would have had to almost fight to get his. With the Clippers, he can be both a scorer and big time distributor to Blake Griffin. Real good trade for the Clippers.

  4. Kyle M. - Way to put me on the spot man. Lol I guess I would go with the Clippers, simply because I think they will be more exciting to watch with the Paul/Griffin combinatin. I agree they need to add a shooting guard though.

    Dave - Agreed.

    Robert - Yeah, it irritated me the trade to the Lakers was rejected. Should be fun to watch Paul run with Griffin though.