January 11, 2012

The Crimson Tide Reigns Supreme

By - Kris Fletcher

For four months, the LSU Tigers were the most dominant team in college football. Then Monday's BCS Championship Game rolled around.

No pun intended.

The final score in the supposed "Rematch of the Century" was 21-0, and it wasn't even that close. Alabama pushed LSU around from the opening series and basically made them look worse by the minute.

Photo by: Getty Images
After three quarters, the Crimson Tide had 326 yards to the Tigers 66. For the game, LSU had just five lousy first downs and didn't even cross midfield until eight minutes remained, only to get pushed right back into their own territory the following play.

Before the contest, there was talk that even with a loss, some Associated Press poll voters would still put the Tigers #1 and try to engineer a split of the title since they had won the first meeting in Tuscaloosa, 9-6 in overtime.

No one should even bother debating that now. Alabama won in a fashion that leaves no doubt as to who the best team in college football was this season.

This one belonged entirely to the Crimson Tide, a team that walked off their home field on November 5th thinking they had lost everything. However, by continuing to play well and staying the course, Alabama earned their way back and blew LSU right out of the building.

The Tide didn't win the SEC title this year. They didn't even win their division. For that, many folks believed they didn't deserve to be in Monday's game.

Well, Alabama can now call themselves national champions.

Believe that.


  1. Kris- Why does Nick Saban not recruit good Qb's? Wouldn't he like to not to have a perfect defense to win a national title? I can't believe with all the cache Alabama and he has that he can't get one of the best Qb's in the country. Granted they are a run first/defense team, but wouldn't a good Qb make them unstoppable? I mean they have won their national championships without their Qb throwing a touchdown pass. That's amazing. But think about if they had a guy like Cam Newton or Eli Manning.

    1. I agree Kyle. They usually recruit solid QBs, just not great ones. I think Saban is just always going to have that run-first/have a solid defense type of mentality to where the quarterback position isn't ever going to be top priority on his list.

  2. I still think it's ridiculous that you can win the game billed as THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP but still possibly be required to split your national title.

  3. Totally agree with Todd. Alabama is clearly the best team in the land this season. They should have won the FIRST meeting.

  4. Bama sucks. They got lucky.