January 21, 2012

Joe Paterno Near Death

By - Kris Fletcher

Former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno is near death, a source close to the family told a Pennsylvania newspaper on Saturday.

Photo by: Getty Images
Reportedly, Paterno's wife has summoned family and friends to a State College hospital because the 85-year-old coach wishes to say goodbye, a source told The Citizen's Voice of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Earlier in the day, a family spokesman revealed that Paterno was in serious condition after experiencing health complications from lung cancer. He has been receiving treatments in the hospital since January 13th.

Paterno was diagnosed with cancer in November of last year, only days after being fired as head coach in the aftermath of the child sex abuse charges against former assistant Jerry Sandusky.

Sandusky is currently out on bail and awaiting trial after denying the allegations. Paterno testified before a state grand jury investigating Sandusky, and authorities have said he is not a target of the probe.

However, school trustees voted unanimously to relieve the coach of his duties anyway, in part because he failed a moral responsibility to report the allegation made against Sandusky back in 2002 to authorities outside the university.

Paterno testified that he had relayed the allegation as told to him by then graduate assistant Mike McQueary to a superior, and the information was then passed on to another school administrator who oversaw the campus police department.

JoePa holds career Division I records for wins (409) and bowl game appearances (37). He had five undefeated seasons, won three Big Ten titles and two national championships.

UPDATE: Paterno lost his brief battle with lung cancer early Sunday morning, passing away at 85. He is survived by his wife Sue, five children and seventeen grandchildren.


  1. Once they took football away fron him he didn't have anything to live for. Sad way for such an iconic figure to go.

  2. Hope he burns in hell. He's as guilty as Sandusky as far as I'm concerned.

    1. I wouldn't say he's AS GUILTY, but he definitely could have done more than he did to help prevent it from continuing.