March 6, 2012

The B/B Podcast - NFL Bounty Scandal

By - Kris Fletcher, Tim Swift & Brian Harrington

In this week's edition of The Bleacher Briefings podcast, we take a look at the NFL bounty scandal surrounding the New Orleans Saints and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.

Photo by: Getty Images
- Common Knowledge?: Should we even be surprised that the league discovered this type of thing goes on in the first place?

- Which Teams Will Pay?: Will the Saints be the only team Gregg Williams has coached on that will pay a price for this bounty system being in place, or will others be hit with penalties as well?

- Is Sean Payton Also Guilty?: New Orleans head coach Sean Payton knew a bounty system was in effect on his team, yet he did nothing to stop it. Should he lose his job for not taking action?


- Ban Gregg Williams?: In light of what the NFL now knows, should Gregg Williams be permanently banned from the league?

- Big Time Repercussions?: What kind of consequences will the Saints and other teams face from Roger Goodell for implementing these types of practices?

All this and more in this week's edition of The Bleacher Briefings podcast!

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  1. Good one guys. Good subject to cover as well. Real hot topic right now. Going to be interesting to see how Goodell handles it.

  2. Nice job guys. Nothing like a big time scandal to get the opinions flying. hahaha

  3. Another good one fellas. Keep it up.