March 22, 2012

Who Had a Worse Wednesday, Tim Tebow or the New Orleans Saints?

By - Kris Fletcher

On Wednesday, the landscape of the National Football League was rocked by two major announcements.

Neither of which were good for the players and teams involved.

As the Denver Broncos were finalizing a deal that would send quarterback Tim Tebow to the New York Jets, Roger Goodell was lowering the boom on the New Orleans Saints for their bounty program, with the major blow being the suspension of head coach Sean Payton for the entire 2012 season.

Photo by: Getty Images
It's safe to say that things couldn't get much worse for Tebow or the Saints.

In the case of Tebow, he went from being the feel-good story of the league to being exiled to a city and organization that couldn't possibly be a worse fit for him in the span of only a few short months.

Tebow became a cult hero to Broncos fans last year, taking over a struggling team after Week 6 and seemingly willing them to the postseason, capping off the improbable run with a stunning overtime win over the favored Pittsburgh Steelers in the Wild-Card Round of the playoffs.

Now, he's on his way to the Big Apple, a city known for turning on athletes at the drop of a hat, to play for a squad full of degenerates that are led by the biggest pompous ass head coach in all the NFL. It's the equivalent of Jerry Falwell joining the cast of the Jersey Shore. There's no possible way it can work.

In New York, the inmates (players) run the asylum, and some of those inmates are already telling reporters and taking to Twitter to say they don't need Tebow.

Yeah, because Mark Sanchez is clearly the answer at quarterback. (LOL)

Just what an already underachieving team needs. More dissension in the locker room. More controversy. More distractions.

Have fun going 8-8 fellas.

As far as New Orleans goes, with Goodell's ruling, they go from being one of the Super Bowl favorites in the NFC to being lucky if they even make the postseason in the blink of an eye.

The Saints were already going to have a hard time making a championship run based on what they've lost in free agency and the fact that they've managed to royally piss off Drew Brees with the way they've handled his contract negotiations.

Now, take away the play-calling and leadership of their fiery coach for the entire season to boot, and New Orleans has about as good a chance to hoist the Lombardi Trophy as a one-legged man has at winning an ass kicking contest. None.

In short, are the Saints still good enough to make the playoffs? Sure. Are they good enough to overcome all this adversity and win a championship? No.

So, who had a worse Wednesday? Like anything else, that depends on who you ask. But regardless, the events that transpired yesterday proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that misery truly loves company.


  1. As a Jet hater and Tebow supporter, I hate the fact that Tebow is going to New York. I wish him success, but I still hope the team stinks. And I agree that the Saints are screwed without Payton. He's the brains of the operation for sure.

  2. I agree that NY is the last place Tebow needed to go, but I wouldn't count the Saints out of the Super Bowl hunt. They still have Brees, so there's still hope

  3. I'm going to be pulling for Tebow, while rooting for the Jets to lose. Lol