April 28, 2012

Can Luck Really Replace Manning?

By - Shayne Carnahan

This past Thursday the Colts drafted Andrew Luck with the first overall pick in the NFL Draft.

But should they have?

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In my opinion, it was a huge mistake. I simply don't have any faith in Luck. Yes, he was the Heisman runner-up the last two years, but there's a reason why he didn't win it.

He never won a big game.

Last year's Oregon-Stanford game is a perfect example. All Luck had to do was avoid turning the ball over and run out the clock. Yet he dropped back and threw two pick sixes to lose the game. Had he avoided those mistakes, Stanford would have won and the BCS title game would have been Stanford vs. LSU. But since they lost, they had to play Oklahoma State in the Fiesta Bowl, which was another game Luck choked in.

According to Colts owner Jim Irsay, Lucks throwing style most closely resembles Peyton Manning's. However, Luck's ability to win and lead a high caliber offense in the fourth quarter is a polar opposite of Manning.

One thing Manning has always had is the uncanny ability to win ball games in the second half. This is something Luck seems to lack.

The Colts also lost many veterans that could have helped Luck lead the offense, such as center Jeff Saturday, wide receiver Pierre Garcon, and running back Joseph Addai.

People need to realize that although Luck looked good a lot in college, the NFL is a completely different game. The expectations for Luck are way too high. He's just not good enough to be Peyton Manning's predecessor. I see Luck as a new Matt Leinart. Everyone expected Leinart to step in for Arizona when Kurt Warner retired, but he couldn't live up to the expectations.

I expect the same from Luck.

To Colt fans all over the nation Manning is the best quarterback to ever play. The blue and white No. 18 will forever be remembered in Indianapolis. The only way I can see Luck getting Manning out of the Colts fans minds is to double his success in the Super Bowl, and I don't see that happening.

I looked at the Colts schedule for this year, and they don't have an easy one. They face teams like the Packers, Bears, Patriots, and Jets. So, I don't see them having a good season with the rookie under center.

4-12 at best.


  1. How about you let Luck atleast take his first NFL snap before you start calling him a bust.

  2. No one can replace Peyton! Let alone Luck!

  3. There is no way Luck can replace Manning.