May 10, 2012

What is the NFL Really About Nowadays?

By - Shayne Carnahan

The NFL used to be about playing because you loved the game. However, that's no longer the case.

Now, it's all about the money.

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Players play more now, not because they want to play, nor because they want to make the team better and win rings, but because they want the money. Now don't get me wrong, they all want rings -- but only because it gets them more money. The bigger the payroll, the more they play.

As a fan, I have a problem with this.

Look at the contract Peyton Manning received from Denver. 5-years, $96 million. If you ask me, that is WAY TOO MUCH. Peyton has two -- maybe three good years left in him, and that's only if he doesn't take one more big hit. Granted, he made it to where if he gets hurt and has to retire the Broncos don't owe him the money left on his contract, but still.

One guy who I didn't think was like this is the man who beat Manning in his last Super Bowl appearance. That man is none other than Drew Brees.

However, Brees proved me wrong with his actions this month. The Saints wanted him to show up for voluntary workouts a couple of weeks ago, but he said he wasn't coming until they gave him a new contract.

There is one man who would rather take a pay cut to make his team better. He's already won three rings, and he went to his fifth Super Bowl this year. He's got three rings because he allows the team to bring in weapons around him. Of course, I'm talking about Tom Brady.

He's unselfish and wants the best for the team, and I applaud him for that. He's one of the best in the league, and his approach towards the game is why.

As a fan, it upsets me that players don't want to play the way they should. After all, we are the ones that line their pockets. We buy their jerseys and buy the tickets to watch them play, so the least they can do is play their hearts out and give us the best show possible, rather than play like a bunch of pansies.

That's why the NFL just isn't as interesting as it once was.


  1. What do you expect them to do, play for free? Give me a break dude.

    1. No I don't expect them to play for free. I'm just saying Football isn't what it used to be.

  2. Brees just wants his fair market value. You can't blame him for that. Game or not, the NFL is still a JOB for the guys playing in it.

    1. I'm not saying he's not worth it. I'm just saying I thought he was better than that.