June 19, 2012

The B/B Podcast - Heat Surge Ahead, Stern Fires Back and Cain Tosses a Gem

By - Kris Fletcher & Tim Swift

In this week's edition of The Bleacher Briefings podcast, we discuss how the Heat have gotten the upper hand in the NBA Finals, the Jim Rome/David Stern interview gone astray, and Matt Cain's perfect game against the Houston Astros!

Photo by: Jeff Chiu
- Advantage Miami: The Heat managed to steal home-court advantage and now hold a 2-1 series lead on OKC. Can LeBron and company seal the deal at home? What do the Thunder need to do to turn the series around in their favor? We'll tell you.

- Interview Turns Ugly: NBA Commissioner David Stern lashed out at Jim Rome during an interview last week after the controversial sports radio talk show host asked if the NBA Draft Lottery was fixed. Did the commish overreact? Should Rome have even asked the question in the first place? Hear our take.

- Perfection For Cain: Last Wednesday, San Francisco Giants pitcher Matt Cain tossed the 22nd perfect game in MLB history in a 10-0 win over the Houston Astros. Was his performance the greatest of all-time? Our answers may surprise you.


- Simpson Wins the Open: On Sunday, Webb Simpson grabbed his first major tournament victory by winning the U.S. Open. Did he actually win the tourney, or did everyone else lose it?

- Mail Time: We answer listener email questions, including -- what we thought of the Mariners six-pitcher no-hitter, if we think LaDainian Tomlinson is one of the ten best running backs off all-time, and if we were surprised Roger Clemens was found not guilty on all six counts in his perjury trial.

All this and more in this week's edition of The Bleacher Briefings podcast!

*If you'd like to be part of the show, email your questions or comments to thebleacherbriefings@inbox.com for a chance to have them read during a future broadcast!


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