June 9, 2012

Has Terrell Suggs Cost the Ravens a Shot at the Super Bowl By Shootin' Some Hoops?

By - Jaquan Murphy

He reps 'Ball So Hard University' -- and it's well documented that he balls hard on the gridiron, but did Terrell Suggs ball too hard on the hardwood?

Photo by: Rob Carr
That's the million dollar question.

The Baltimore Ravens All-Pro linebacker tore his right Achilles Tendon during the offseason, and it was initially reported that the injury occurred while he was practicing for a team conditioning test.

Now, speculation is that he tore the tendon while playing in a 3-on-3 basketball tournament in Arizona.

"He got hurt prior to the tournament championship game," gym director Herman Hoffman said.

Suggs adamantly denies these reports. Through agent Joel Segal, he said: "It's simply not true. I hurt myself doing my conditioning test."

Despite the fact Suggs says he will be back by midseason, many believe he will miss the entire 2012 campaign. In an attempt to help fill the void, the Ravens drafted linebacker Courtney Upshaw from Alabama.

Regardless, Suggs is one of the undisputed leaders of the team, so not having him for an extended period of time will certainly hurt.

As time passes, it becomes harder and harder to believe Suggs. Numerous people in attendance are confirming they saw him injure himself during the tournament, so why would he lie about the injury?

The Ravens are among several teams in the NFL that prohibit their players from playing basketball during the offseason. It is believed that there is a clause in Suggs' contract that specifically says he's not to participate in any basketball related activities.

So Suggs' story could be a move to divert attention from the Ravens front so they won't make an effort to void money from his 6-year, $62 million contract. He's scheduled to make over $11 million this season alone, so you would think he would go to great lengths to ensure that he gets all he's owed.

One thing is certain -- no matter how the injury really came about, the Ravens will be far less formidable of the defensive side of the ball without Suggs, so his absence could very well affect the balance of power in the AFC North in 2012.

Not to mention, Baltimore's Super Bowl chances in general.


  1. They've still got Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, so they should be fine. I think its funny that Suggs continues to deny it though when EVERYONE knows he's lying.

  2. Since Suggs is a bitch I hope he misses the entire year and the Ravens don't pay him for lying to them.

    1. Normally I'm against bashing players on here, but in this case, I actually agree w/you. Lol