July 30, 2012

Let's Allow Michael Vick to Move on Already

By - Kyle Malinowski

Is prison meant to rehabilitate people, or to condemn them as evil people for life?

In my opinion, prison has become for a lot of people not a place where individuals go to learn from their mistakes and become better citizens upon their release, but a place where they go because they're evil, and if they're lucky enough to be released -- they should just keep their head down and be lucky they're breathing outside air again.

Why do people care if Michael Vick doesn't apologize anymore for the dog fighting? He arguably has shown that prison can actually rehabilitate folks and make them better people. So why is he still expected to pay the price for his crimes when he has already served his time?

Photo by: Drew Hallowell
If Vick wants to put his past behind him, I believe he has earned that right. Not only has he been very forthcoming and willing to speak about his transgressions, but he hasn't come close to getting in trouble since being released.

I believe Vick's crime is the real issue here. I honestly think if he had killed a human being he would have been allowed to move on from his past by now in the public eye. But, because he was hurting and killing dogs, he falls into the same type of category as a child predator to a lot of people.

I think hurting dogs is awful, and sending Vick to prison was probably the right decision. However, in my eyes, if he served his time, repented for his crimes, and became a better citizen after the fact -- he should certainly be treated normally now.

After all, Tony Dungy doesn't help people if they are lost causes.

Vick has shown repeatedly that he can not only be a huge advocate in stopping dog fighting, but that he can also be a public figure that can help educate black American youth about the proper way to go through life.

You may always despise Vick for what he did, and that's your right. But at least admit that it's pretty amazing how well he has emerged from prison -- considering several other famous athletes can't stay out of handcuffs for more than a month or so.

I'm a big Vick fan again because I believe he has genuinely accepted his crimes and is now a person to showcase how not all black athletes that get into trouble should be stereotyped as life-long criminals.

In my eyes, the Atlanta Michael Vick is buried, and the Philadelphia Mike Vick has emerged anew as a better leader, a better parent, and most importantly, a better man. Maybe he's just pulling the wool over all our eyes, but I'm hoping that isn't the case.

But one thing is clear. From here on out, instead of worrying about the past, Vick only needs to focus on winning the Super Bowl -- and proving that athletic running QBs can win a championship.

And don't any of you say Aaron Rodgers is like Vick either, because he's not even close.

Vick's in a league all his own.


  1. I wasnt aware this was still even a issue. There will always be people that hold it against him, but I think for the most people are past it now.

  2. The dogfighting aside, Vick is never winning a Super Bowl regardless. Not because he's not a good enough athlete, but because he's not a good enough quarterback.

  3. Alan you're an idiot.. He is definitely a good enough QB and I wouldn't be surprised if he got it done within a year or two

  4. His career rating is 80.9 and he barely completes 55% of his passes, But I'M the idiot? Look in the mirror genius. He's a great ATHLETE, not a great QUARTERBACK. Big damn difference.

  5. We'll see this year or next u douche bag.. You're probably a Tom Brady fan..

  6. What does Brady have to do with anything? We're talking about Vick. I guess next you're going to tell me that he's better than Brady, right? Vick's not even the best quarterback IN HIS DIVISION. Eli and Romo are BOTH better. And now I'm a douche bag? Well I'm not the punk ass bitch hiding behind the anonymous profile.

  7. Calm down fellas. No point in getting all worked up about it. Lol