July 18, 2012

NFL Coaches on the Hot Seat Heading Into the 2012 Season

By - Shayne Carnahan

Let's face it, the NFL is a win or lose your job type of career. As a head coach in the National Football League, if you're not winning, you probably won't have a job very long.

So here are some coaches who may find themselves in the unemployment line if they can't lead their teams to very successful 2012 campaigns.

1. Andy Reid

Photo by: Barbara Johnston
Reid must lead the Eagles to the postseason this year. If he doesn't, he's gone. When you have a "Dream Team," not making the playoffs is unacceptable. Philadelphia failed to make the postseason last year, and basically looked average the majority of the season. Anything less than a Super Bowl run this year would be a disappointment, and probably also cost Reid the job he's held since 1999.

2. Norv Turner

Following last year's disappointment, the Chargers have to rebound in a big way this season. The truth is, Turner is lucky to be back in the first place. He was almost fired this offseason, but owner Alex Spanos decided to give him one more shot. Everyone says Turner isn't a good leader, and for good reason -- he's not. Despite all their talent, all of Turner's teams have underachieved and never reached their full potential. If San Diego doesn't make some serious noise this year, Turner is out.

3. Romeo Crennel

Crennel did an admirable job as coach of the Chiefs the last few weeks of the season last year, even leading them to a win over the then unbeaten Green Bay Packers. That success has to carry over into 2012, and last the entire year. He has to be sure Matt Cassel, Eric Berry, Jamaal Charles, and Tony Moeaki bounce back from their injuries and play well. Kansas City has a pretty tough schedule this season, and it's up to Crennel to make sure they continue to make strides in the right direction.


  1. agree with the first two, but crennel? no one really expects the chiefs to do anything to begin with, so crennel isnt on the hotseat.

  2. Yeah I can think of several coaches right off the top of my head that I would have put on here ahead of Romeo Crennel. Definitely agree with Reid and Turner being on it though.

  3. I agree. Don't really think Crennel is on the hot seat.