July 24, 2012

The B/B Podcast - Penn State Left For Dead, Adam Scott's Meltdown and Major League Baseball Chat

By - Kris Fletcher & Tim Swift

In this week's edition of The Bleacher Briefings podcast, we discuss the penalties handed down by the NCAA to Penn State, Adam Scott's monumental collapse at the British Open, the surprising Oakland Athletics, and Ichiro's possible impact with the New York Yankees!

Photo by: Getty Images
- A Program in Ruins: The NCAA lowered the boom on Penn State University Monday, including a $60 million fine and a four-year postseason ban. How long could it take the school to recover from these unprecedented sanctions, and what should Bill O'Brien and his staff do moving forward? We break it down.

- Scott's Meltdown: On Sunday, Adam Scott managed to blow a four-shot lead with four holes to play at the British Open. Was his collapse the biggest ever in a major? We'll tell you.

- Moneyball 2?: Don't look now, but the Oakland A's are currently the hottest team in baseball. Can the club with the lowest payroll in the American League make the postseason? Our answers may surprise you.

- Ichiro to the Big Apple: The Bronx Bombers acquired Ichiro Suzuki from the Seattle Mariners Monday. What can you expect out of the Japanese star in New York? Hear our take.

All this and more in this week's edition of The Bleacher Briefings podcast!

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  1. I applaud you for offering an apology to anyone who was offended by that post last week, but don't you think you should remove it also?

    1. Well I thought about that, and I figured if I went back and took it down, people would have no idea what was being apologized for in the first place. So, I elected to just leave it up so people could refer to it.

  2. I'm with Tim. Who gives a damn about Paterno's legacy.