August 11, 2012

Hey America, Leave McKayla Alone!

By - Brian Harrington

Pretty much all I've heard over the last few days is how gymnast McKayla Maroney acted "spoiled," "like a bad sport," and even "made the U.S. look bad" at the Olympic Games in London.

Photo by: Brian Snyder
Whoa, pump your breaks there America.

There are a few things that come into play here:

1. I watched the vault final live. All I heard the ENTIRE telecast were the announcers saying things like "this is hers to win," "the others already know they're just competing for silver and bronze," and "there's no way she loses this." So you know if they're saying it, chances are -- others had probably been saying it to her from the moment she got on the plane to London.

2. She's ONLY 16! I mean, come on!

I actually LIKE the fact that she got pissy. It tells me that silver wasn't good enough for her, that gold was her goal, and she was upset she didn't get it.

I'm 33-years-old, and I get mad when I get beat playing sports video games. I bet I've broken about $500 worth of controllers. And yes, there are actually several witnesses to this. I can only imagine how I would react on the world stage.

Regardless, McKayla still managed to finish 2nd in the very thing she's best at. It's just funny that before the other night, she was America's vault wonder -- nailing an incredible landing that, for some completely inexplicable reason, did not get a perfect 10.0 score. So much so, that one judge stared, mouth agape at how impressive the landing was.

Again, I think that factored highly into her reaction. No doubt this girl had her head pumped up by everything and everyone around her.

The whole meme thing is hilarious, but like anything else in this day and age, it will pass in due time. I just think people are putting way too much emphasis on something that I guarantee would have caused 90% of us to react the exact same way.

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