August 3, 2012

Ryan Lochte's Mom Throws Him in the Deep End

By - Keith Smith

Anyone who has ever played sports has probably been embarrassed by their mom.

Whether it's screaming at the very top of her lungs, cheering your success, or yelling at the umpire over a bad call, we've all wanted to pull our jersey over our head in shame at one point or another.

I think that concept reached a whole new level on Thursday.

Ryan Lochte's mother, Ike, told The Today Show that her son "goes out on one-night stands," and that he's not able to give fully to a relationship because "he's always on the go."

Photo by: Getty Images
It's a good thing Lochte has learned to hold his breath for a long time, because he may be tempted to stay under the pool's surface for, oh...the remainder of these Olympic games?

I don't suppose this came as a great surprise to anyone. I mean, I've seen more women - young and old, married and single - on Facebook this week practically offering themselves to Lochte. But it is just a bit disconcerting to hear it FROM HIS MOM!

My mom and I talked about a lot of things, both growing up and once I was an adult. My sex life was never one of them. Even after I was married and had two kids, I was okay letting her think I was still a virgin.

Out of fairness, the simple fact that Mrs. Lochte made these revelations on national TV doesn't necessarily mean that Lochte and his mom have long, deep conversations about his sex life. It's even quite likely that his mom was using incorrect terminology.

To her, "one-night stands" could simply mean single dates. He dates a girl once, he moves on. He doesn't have time to get involved. I'm willing to give both of them the benefit of the doubt, because frankly, if I think about it being anything more than a mistake on her part, it kind of creeps me out.

I've not seen a response from Lochte about this. I'm thinking if he's smart, he won't even bother to address it, just let it die.

Then again, he may still be sitting at the bottom of the pool, waiting on the closing ceremonies.


  1. He just had a bad day yesterday. This, plus Phelps beat that ass. Lol

  2. If he does talk to his mother about that kind of stuff, they either have a really cool relationship, or very disturbing. Lol

  3. Guys just a Michael Phelps wannabe. Somebody get at me when he wins 8 golds in one Olympics, then he'll be news-worthy.

  4. So Phelps has his weed, and Lochte has his momma. I'd much rather be Phelps.

  5. Based on Lochte's performance this week, I would say it appears he has been practicing what his Momma's preaching while he's in London! (c:

    1. That, or Phelps decided he wasn't ready to pass him the torch just yet. Lol