September 1, 2012

Bleacher Babe of the Month: September, 2012

By - Kris Fletcher

We here at The Bleacher Briefings are continuing to strive towards making the site all the more enjoyable and entertaining for you, our followers.

From thought-provoking articles to in-depth podcasts, we try to do everything we can to keep you guys coming back for more.

We believe our newest monthly segment is sure to help do just that.

Beginning today, the site will feature a monthly "Bleacher Babe" -- because let's face it, the only thing better than sports...are attractive women that follow them!

So with that, I give you our very first Bleacher Babe of the Month, Candace Andrews!

Photo by: Ronda Massie Cooley
Hello everyone! I guess I will start by introducing myself. My name is Candace, and I am 26-years-old.

My perspective of sports may catch you a little off guard, but I am going to fill you in on how most of the female species really thinks!

Let's start with the world's worst sport by far -- NASCAR.

OMG, really? Why do you think it usually airs on Sundays? It's like a sedative! Let's get real people, we all know the ropes. We sit down, fall asleep, and wake up just in time to see who wins. Then we flip it on over to ESPN to watch highlights of all the wrecks.

Yes, we as females know the real truth. Go ahead. Admit it. I know I'm right. ;)

Moving on, let's talk about golf. Totally boring to watch, at least until Tiger Woods decided to make a big mess out of his career, so now it's rather amusing to watch him squirm on the course as he falls apart every Sunday.

The ultimate for me though is playing golf. I mean, where else does someone turn a chick loose with an iron rod to hit balls all day long? Come on men. It's a no-brainer. We like golf. :)

Photo by: Ronda Massie Cooley
Lastly, let's finish up with a little football talk. What's not to love? Football needs no explanation. But of course, as a female, I'll give one anyway!

The funnest thing about football? Watching the Vols get their tails handed to them on a yearly basis by the greatest team of all-time, the Crimson Tide! And let's not forget the other high point of each season -- the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders! They're amazing! :)

Well that about does it for me. I could go on, but most of you are just here to look at the pictures anyway, right? ;)

Photo by: Ronda Massie Cooley
If you actually did take the time to read this, I hope you found some enjoyment and humor in my "chickish" points of view.

Until next time, take care!


  1. DAMN. I'm loving this new segment already.

  2. Attractive AND loves football? I think I'm in love.

  3. She's pretty. Needs to smile though.

  4. Love the pics. Nicely done.

  5. The pictures of this woman alone tell me a story. I see her looking onto the field evaluating the scene before her. Her thoughts being collected play by play. We must wait 'til the end to hear her dismay. Art! From the sport itself to the woman captured in the photo. Hats off to both the woman in front and behind the camera.

  6. i bet she has a effed up grill thats way she aint smilin

  7. Never fails. There's always gotta be an idiot in the group that makes a retarded ass comment. Did you come up with this one BEFORE or AFTER you rubbed one out to her pics?

  8. To the hater....
    I happen to know this Bleacher Babe very well & her grill is as beautiful as she is ;) So go take a long hard look in the mirror what you will see is an "effed up" image of an insecure childish person looking back at you... Why else would you be so jealous of such a beautiful woman.... It is hard to be beautiful inside & out, smart, funny & loved by many but this Bleacher Babe has all of these qualities. It is very obvious by your comment you are ugly inside & out, not very smart, damn sure not funny & disliked by many. So with that being said grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!