September 13, 2012

Fantasy Football Report: Week 2

By - Tim Swift

This week, I'm filling you in on some of my observations from the opening week of the season, and letting you in on some of the better matchups around the league as we head into Week 2.

First, some observations.

1. Rookie QBs aren't worth a start -- yet.

Photo by: Mike DiNovo
I know Robert Griffin III was brilliant on Sunday with 320 yards and 2 TDs, but he's going to have more days like his fellow rookies had Week 1. The other rookies who started opening week combined for just 2 scores and 11 interceptions. Griffin also benefited from a defense that was depleted and ranked 30th in the league against the pass last year. I know you're pretty tempted to throw him into your starting lineup, but you should wait until you see more stellar performances.

2. Running backs = confusion.

No other position will give you more headaches this year than the RB position. Alfred Morris and Stevan Ridley combined for 219 yards and 3 TDs, while Chris Johnson, Michael Turner, and Steven Jackson wasted roster spots, combining for 89 yards. Also surprising were the performances of Adrian Peterson, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Jamaal Charles, who were coming off injuries or holdouts -- further confusing fantasy owners on Sunday. I believe that backs will be shuffled in and out during the season, making this position very tough to predict all year.

3. Julio Jones and Roddy White will continue to dominate.

Until further notice, the Atlanta pair is the best in the business, at least from a fantasy football standpoint. The numbers were good on Sunday with the two combining for 12 catches, 195 yards and 2 scores. Those numbers would have been even better, but Atlanta was putting a serious beat down on Kansas City, so they let off the gas somewhat. Jones and White should reach at least 12 targets per game moving forward, which should mean big numbers for them almost every week.

4. Kevin Ogletree madness.

Ogletree had a breakout game with 8 catches for 114 yards and 2 touchdowns last Wednesday night, prompting the question -- who the hell is Kevin Ogletree? The 4th-year WR from the University of Virginia had only 25 catches for 294 yards over his first 3 years in the league, so before you go losing your mind over his performance, remember that it had some special circumstances attached to it: 1. The Giants were down to their 6th cornerback that barely made the roster. 2. Jason Witten was playing with a lacerated spleen. 3. Dez Bryant and Miles Austin barely played in the preseason due to injuries. Basically, Tony Romo had no choice but to throw to Ogletree. As the other guys get more healthy, I don't expect Ogletree to get the same amount of looks.

5. Pay attention to offensive line play.

Looking at offensive line play is something fantasy players should do more often, instead of just paying attention to skill positions. The Titans interior O-line was a special kind of awful on Sunday, as the team only rushed for 20 yards. On several occasions, Chris Johnson was surrounded by multiple New England defenders 3 yards deep in the backfield as soon as he got the ball. The Rams offensive line suffered two injuries and struggled all day long as well, as they failed to create any running lanes for Steven Jackson and also allowed Sam Bradford to be knocked around repeatedly. Keep an eye on the Bears line this season. While they performed fairly well in Week 1, they have struggled protecting Jay Cutler the last 2 seasons, and that could be a factor in 2012.

And now, good matchups for Week 2.


1. Matt Ryan vs Denver
2. Philip Rivers vs Tennessee
3. Cam Newton vs New Orleans

Running Backs:

1. Stevan Ridley vs Arizona
2. BenJarvus Green-Ellis vs Cleveland
3. Darren McFadden vs Miami

Wide Receivers:

1. Steve Johnson vs Kansas City
2. Brandon Lloyd vs Arizona
3. Percy Harvin vs Indianapolis

Tight Ends:

1. Owen Daniels vs Jacksonville
2. Jacob Tamme vs Atlanta
3. Jared Cook vs San Diego

Defense/Special Teams:

1. Oakland D/ST vs Miami
2. Houston D/ST vs Jacksonville
3. Washington D/ST vs St. Louis

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  1. I'm one of the people that went a signed Ogletree after his big week 1 performance. Are you saying he's not a good start even for this week? What about as a flex play?

  2. You've got Ridley and Lloyd listed but no Brady? You don't see him having a big week?

  3. 1st with a guy like Brady I expect him to have a good week all the time, the rankings are more to reflect underrated guys I like in a certain week. As far as Ogletree a flex play is fine, but be wary about his targets going down throught out the season.

  4. Steve Johnson vs KC wont be a good match up, KC got their defensive players back and will look much better this week so dont expect much outta Johnson