October 22, 2012

Questions That Need Answers

By - Kyle Malinowski

This time of year the word 'chaos' best describes what ensues in the world of sports.

So, I want to pose some of the more pressing questions transpiring throughout the sports world, and let you, our readers, determine the answers.

Here we go.


- Will LeBron lead the Heat back to the Finals, and will he finish the deal for the second-straight year?

Photo by: Getty Images
- Will Dwight Howard be able to form his own legacy in Los Angeles, or was it a mistake for the Lakers to sign him in the first place?

- Should Michael Jordan sell the Bobcats if they play horribly again this season?


- Has Tom Brady lost some of his magic?

- Have we seen the last of Ray Lewis on the football field?

- Who would you rather have right now -- RG3 or Andrew Luck?


- If the Cardinals make it back to the World Series, does it validate them in not paying Albert Pujols a fortune to stay with the team?

- Were the Orioles a one-hit wonder, or can they contend again next season?

- Was it a mistake for the Nationals to pull the plug on Stephen Strasburg?

- Will Derek Jeter come close to breaking Pete Rose's all-time hits record?


- Is there even going to be a season?


- Will Tiger Woods be able to pass Jack Nicklaus in career major victories?

- How many majors will Rory McIlroy win in his career?

Fantasy Football:

- Who was the steal pick of your draft?

- Are you in first place right now, and if not, how far out of first are you?


  1. The answer to the first 5 questions is no. I'd rather have Luck over RG3. Then; yes, one hit wonders, yes, no, no, no, 7, Adrian Peterson in the third round. (tied for second in my division, one game back)

  2. NBA- Yes, he'll be good for them, he shouldn't sell.
    NFL- Possibly, No, RG3.
    MLB- Yes, they can contend next year, yes, no.
    NHL- Yes.
    PGA- No, 9-10.
    Fantasy- Jamaal Charles in the 4th round, and I'm currently tied for first.