October 15, 2012

You Watching the Games, Albert?

By - Kyle Malinowski

In life, we all have regrets. Especially regrets on whether or not we made a really bad decision concerning our career path.

For Albert Pujols, the regret of leaving the only city he had ever known in St. Louis must be starting to weigh on his conscience, as his large contract can't possibly come close to what it's like playing in October for a chance to go to the World Series.

Photo by: Getty Images
Instead of taking all of that money, Albert, if you would have stayed in St. Louis, you could be further solidifying your legend right now.

Had you won another championship, you would have not been just a really great player, but an iconic God of the city, who immediately upon the end of your career would have been immortalized in stone outside the stadium that saw your legend born and finished.

But that road was taken away from Cardinal Nation and from yourself, Albert. You chose the road of greed over the road of integrity -- and look where it has gotten you.

Now, you are just another player on the Angels, already eclipsed by rookie Mike Trout.

Also, in the brutal American League, where deep pitching staffs are common place, a monster Albert Pujols year seems to be an impossibility at this point in your career.

Sure, you have your money, but was it really worth it, Albert?

Does the cash really make you a happy man? You always said that you were a man of God, and that God was the direction in your life that helped guide you to the best decisions. Well how could he have sent you to LA when clearly St. Louis was the place that would have shown you that happiness over greed wins out?

I hope you're watching as the Cards make their way to winning the World Series without you, Albert. You may have thought they couldn't win once you left, but they're looking pretty damn good so far in the post-Pujols era, aren't they?

At first, I was mad at the Cardinals for letting you walk without putting up much of a fight, but I must say I now support the decision. If you really wanted to stay in St. Louis you would have, because you would have realized that money can't buy you a legacy -- or a place in Cardinal fans hearts, forever.

Albert, I don't wish bad things on you, I just hope as you watch the Cardinals succeed that a small part of you is tearing up inside, wishing you would have stayed where you belonged.

#5 for the St. Louis Cardinals should have been always been yours, and it's kinda sad that it more than likely will be donned by somebody else someday.

But it's all on you.

Watch on as the Redbirds win back-to-back titles, while the Angels don't win any over the course of your 10 years there.

Yeah, you were my hero Albert -- but not anymore.


  1. Let it go already dude. I'm sure Pujols is laughing all the way to the bank.

  2. I'm past the point of sadness now. I hope he's miserable in Los Angeles. Traitor.

  3. I missed him at first, but now I realize we'll be just fine without him. I guess what they say is true; winning cures all! Ha!

  4. People thought we would be terrible without him and we're just as good if not better!

  5. Stop being so bitter St. Louis fans. What's done is done. Move on already.

  6. Non-Cardinals fans don't understand the loss of Albert on this franchise and its fan base. Over the course of 120 years, Albert is the first superstar to want out. We're not used to these guys leaving. Ever.