November 1, 2012

Bleacher Babe of the Month: November, 2012

By - Kris Fletcher

It's the 1st of the month again, so you know what that means -- Bleacher Babe of the Month time!

With that, I give you this month's Bleacher Babe, Kim Cooley!

Photo by: Ronda Massie Cooley
Hey y'all, I'm Kim, and I'm really excited to be this month's Bleacher Babe!

So who's ready to talk baseball?

The first thing that comes to my mind is the classic movie, Field of Dreams. You know, that ever so memorable line, "If you build it, he will come." Kevin Costner builds a baseball diamond in his cornfield to ultimately reunite with his father who passed away when he was younger so they can have a game of catch.

Ugh! Tears*

Okay, so I may not be the best chick to talk baseball with, but here's my point of view on it anyways!

Baseball is known as "America's favorite pastime." It's a great sport for girls to watch in particular, because what girl doesn't like watching ball players who fill out their uniforms so well?! :)

Hey, it's only fair guys, since we all know you don't read Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue for the articles.

Let's talk about the setup of the field. A woman had to have come up with that one, because everyone knows a diamond is a girl's best friend!

Marilyn Monroe even sang a song about that, and at one point she was married to one of the greatest baseball players of all-time, Joe DiMaggio.

Kinda funny how all that ties together, huh?

Photo by: Ronda Massie Cooley
Next thing I'd like to discuss is the food! A girls gotta eat too ya know!

Yes, ballpark food is every snack lover's dream! Hot dogs, popcorn, nachos, and of course, Cracker Jacks! As women, we all like to watch our figures, but even the most in shape girl has to admit one of those snacks has her name written all over it!

Oh well -- bring on the Rolaids and the next Zumba workout!

You know, a lot of sayings have derived from the game of baseball as well.

We have the "three strike rule." That not only applies to the sport, but us girls like to use it when dating also. So beware when your girl hisses a "strike one" at you!

Then we have "the bench," and that saying is used to describe the unfortunate person who is waiting to be next in line for the chance to be with that special someone.

So sad! :(

Which leads me to the last term we like to use so often, the "home run."

A home run can represent many things in life. A home run at love (finding the one), a home run at work (getting that promotion). Whatever it is, at the end of the day, we all strive for it. We all want that home run of life!

Photo by: Ronda Massie Cooley
I may not know all that much about the game of baseball itself, but I can honestly say that I can certainly identify with it when looking at the big picture.

We all can!

Well, that's all for me. Until next time, take care! :)


  1. another good looking bleacher babe of the month...

  2. Don't really care for baseball, but I would definitely sit with her and listen to her talk about it! LOL

  3. awesome job!!!! Yes, from a girls' prospective....

  4. Lovely lady. Well done.

  5. She's got an ass on her. I like it!