March 23, 2013

Fantasy Baseball Dream and Nightmare Picks

By - Jaquan Murphy

Now that the World Baseball Classic is over and spring training is in full swing, this is the time when people start getting an idea for who they want to select in their fantasy baseball drafts.

But before you quickly jump into picks thinking they are sure-fire, take a look at these players. Some will put up big fantasy numbers, and some may turn out to be a nightmare for owners.

Dream Players:

- Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers

Photo by: Getty Images
Expect the defending Triple Crown winner to have another huge season. Year in and year out, Cabrera shows he can hit for both a high average and tremendous power. Factor in that he still has Prince Fielder as his protection, and drafting Cabrera will be a move that will pay off for fantasy owners all season long.

- Robinson Cano, New York Yankees

After putting up video game-type numbers in the WBC en route to being named the tournament's Most Valuable Player, Cano looks to carry that momentum into the regular season. With injuries just ravaging the Yankees, the second baseman is now "the man" in pinstripes. With this being a contract year, Cano knows that big stats equals dollars. Fantasy owners know that stats equals points, making Cano a guy everyone should want on their team.

- Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles Dodgers

Coming off a dominant season last year, Kershaw is projected to match those numbers and more than likely will with an entire season of the new and improved lineup supporting him. This should result in Kershaw pitching with the lead a lot more, which should equate to more wins, making him a valuable asset to any fantasy team.

Potential Nightmares:

- Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels

After an explosive emergence into the league, it is hard to believe that Mike Trout would be on this end of the spectrum, but he is. While last season was incredibly impressive, year two comes with a ton of questions. Can he adjust to the adjustments pitchers will make? Can he withstand the grind of a full season? Will he press too hard to repeat what he did last year? Too many questions make Trout a potential fantasy nightmare.

- Andrew McCutchen, Pittsburgh Pirates

Last season, McCutchen became a star. This year, he will not surprise anyone. The entire league will game plan for him and key in on the center fielder as the focal point to the Pirates offense. Is McCutchen ready for that? Can he continue to produce without another big bat in the lineup? Again, too many questions.

- Zack Greinke, Los Angeles Dodgers

It has been suggested that Greinke may not be mentally tough enough to play for a major market team, so it will be interesting to see if he can perform now that he's actually on one. Greinke is a high-risk high-reward player. If he is successful, he may be a perfect fit. If not, he will be a fantasy nightmare.

Just remember, when drafting your fantasy team, some of the "sure-fire picks" may not be such a given after all.


  1. Not fully understanding the point in this because ALL the guys you mentioned will be high on everyone's draftboard regardless. Would have made more sense had you just went with lesser name players.

  2. I don't care how many questions are connected to him, I'm still taking Trout if possible.