March 18, 2013

St-Pierre Wins Again Via Technical Snoozefest

By - Andy Garcia

Even if you don't watch the UFC religiously, chances are you recognize the name of Georges St-Pierre. GSP is a living legend in the world of mixed martial arts, and is one of the most accomplished fighters of all-time.

Photo by: Getty Images
For the past 9 years, "Rush" has compiled an impressive 18-2 record in the octagon and has earned himself a top pound-for-pound ranking year in and year out, along with fellow UFC legend Anderson Silva.

The 5 hours, 3 minutes, and 12 seconds of total fight time in the UFC that St-Pierre has undertaken is only 39 seconds off the UFC record currently held by B.J. Penn. GSP is tied with Matt Hughes for the most wins in UFC history with 18, tied with the one and only Royce Gracie for the second-longest win streak at 11 (Silva holds the record with 16-straight), and is tied with Silva for the most wins in a UFC Championship with 11.

The French-Canadian holds the records for most completed takedowns (84), highest takedown accuracy (78%), and most total strikes landed (2,398). The list of records and accomplishments doesn't end there. He's in the top 5 in several other categories as well.

One record that stands out for me is the most wins by decision in UFC history with 11. The reason for this is because it has become more and more evident that St-Pierre is in fact a "boring" fighter. He is basically the Floyd Mayweather Jr. of MMA. While both are the best technical fighters in the world at their respective sports, they have also been known to produce absolute yawners.

The welterweight champion has won his last 6 fights by way of decision. The last time he finished an opponent was a TKO victory over B.J. Penn at UFC 94 back in 2009. And the reason GSP scored the technical knockout was due to a corner stoppage, since he had been pounding Penn on the ground.

The last fight where St-Pierre actually scored a definitive victory was when he submitted Matt Hughes at UFC 79 via armbar in 2007. Since then, GSP has fought conservatively, repeatedly taking his opponents to the ground and pounding away at them while chewing up the clock.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to discount any of St-Pierre's accolades, because he is exceptional at just about everything in MMA. The problem with him, just like Mayweather, is that they don't put on shows like they once did early on in their careers. They both play it safe to get the W, instead of putting on an enjoyable match for the fans.

It has gotten to the point where people already know what to expect from a GSP bout. We know that he's going to out-muscle his opponent and take him to the ground where he won't have a chance to catch St-Pierre with a lucky punch or possibly out-box the champ.

The reason why so many people love watching Anderson Silva fight is because of his showmanship. He is very entertaining and you never know what to expect each time he enters the cage.

GSP is loved by many too, but only because of his humbleness and respectful nature. It's hard not to like a guy like that. But the fact of the matter is, he isn't an exciting fighter.

Until St-Pierre faces a guy with the strength, conditioning, and ground game to match his own, he won't lose. It's beginning to get old, and this is why UFC needs to make the fight with Anderson Silva happen. That's what the fans want to see.

The UFC should learn from boxing's mistakes and book this "super fight" before it's too late. It will be one GSP match that is sure to entertain, not put people to sleep.


  1. Great article Andy. I don't watch UFC, but it was a great read nonetheless. Needless to say, he's a legend up here. One question, why refer to him as French-Canadian, as opposed to just Canadian?

    1. Thank you, sir! GSP is straight up French-Canadian, that's why. Lol. If you didn't know he was from Canada you'd think he was French. It isn't a knock on him, that's just how people know him as.

  2. I think one of the main issues in this is alot of fighters are skilled in such a broad range that its watering fights down, they become more of a chess match than a fight. Gsp is not a great striker and with good ground defense he wont finish fighters.

    1. I can agree with that. The cool thing about UFC is if you're boring Dana White will cut your ass. He knows people want to see quality fights, that's why they're paying. The only thing is GSP can get away with it at this point in his career and nobody will tell him anything. Dana knows tho, which is why he's trying to make the super fight happen.

  3. He beat the shit out of Diaz.

  4. UFC is gay as hell.

  5. He honestly did. He is too strong for Diaz. He manhandled him and tossed him around like a rag doll.