May 4, 2013

Five-Ring Circus Comes to NYC

By - Jaquan Murphy

Ever since Rex Ryan was hired by the Jets back in 2009, every summer has been a media frenzy in New York. This year will certainly be no different, as Ryan has already proclaimed a five-way competition for the starting quarterback position.

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Incumbent starter Mark Sanchez has vowed to win the job.

"It's going to bring out the very best in me," Sanchez told reporters in his first public appearance since the April draft. "There's a challenge for something I hold very dear to my heart. When somebody challenges you that way, it really brings out your best."

Sanchez's challengers? Greg McElroy, Matt Simms, free agent veteran David Garrard and second-round draft pick Geno Smith.

Of the group, the two least likely to win the job are Simms and McElroy. Simms was signed last season as an undrafted free agent and has no NFL experience. McElroy actually has reps under his belt in New York, but not enough to make him a serious contender for the spot.

Free agent acquisition David Garrard is the one that looks like the most immediate threat to Sanchez. Garrard was signed prior to the draft to add a veteran presence to the position. Now that he knows he has a chance to be the starter, the former long-time Jacksonville Jaguar can use his veteran savvy to win over fans and coaches alike in New York.

The Jets hope second-round pick Geno Smith can be their franchise quarterback of the future. However, they hope that future doesn't start in Week 1 of the 2013 campaign. Unless Smith has an incredible training camp and preseason, or everyone else is just terrible during that same stretch, he should be holding a clipboard this year.

New York is the city that never sleeps. These five players will experience this first hand, as they work tirelessly to try and win the most glamorous job in the city. They are now officially the main attractions of the Rex Ryan Circus Company.

It just wouldn't be an offseason without at least one thing drawing major attention to Team Gang Green.

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  1. All five put together don't equal one decent one! Ha!