June 19, 2013

Aaron Hernandez Linked to Murder Probe

By - Brad Heerschop

Just another routine day as far as the NFL is concerned. A seemingly weekly occurrence, once again a marquee player in America's richest league has run into some trouble with the law.

On Tuesday, roughly a dozen police cruisers surrounded the home of New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez in connection with a homicide. Officers reportedly searched the residence for nearly two hours, and one detective was seen leaving the scene with a cardboard box in hand.

Photo by: Elise Amendola
The search stemmed from a jogger finding the body of a 27-year-old Boston man less than a mile from the home early Monday evening. The Sun Chronicle of Attleboro reported Tuesday that a 2013 Chevrolet Suburban with Rhode Island plates rented in Hernandez's name has been identified as a major piece of evidence in the ongoing investigation. The vehicle is a rental, and detectives were looking to dust it for prints.

Someone close to the former Pro Bowler has indicated that there was a connection between Hernandez and the deceased man, but would not go into details. Various media outlets are now reporting that the man may have been dating the sister of the tight end's girlfriend. Hernandez's agency, Athletes First, has declined comment.

It is not yet clear if the former Florida Gator was an accomplice or affiliated with the man's death in another way, but an athlete of his caliber and fame should never be linked to such a thing under any circumstance.

I don't want to jump to conclusions and say Hernandez is a bad guy. It just baffles me to see all of these "role models" constantly in sticky situations.

When you go to work each morning, how often do you hear of your co-workers being involved in something like this? I bet it's rarely, if at all. I don't recall any co-workers of mine ever being absent from the job because of a run-in with the law.

However, if you worked closely with the NFL, every Monday you would stand around the water cooler and hear conversations of this nature. Maybe not an incident as serious as murder, but players and police officers come into contact far too frequently.

What I would like to know is why do these guys continue to associate with gang-bangers and thugs? Why do these things happen so often in professional sports?

Perhaps it's time to find some new friends, gentlemen.


  1. This is being overblown. His girlfriend's sister is the cause of the problem.

  2. Don't look good for him at all...plus he had just shot someone in the face earlier on and the dude lost his eye. They dropped it cause of paperwork errors but are refilling a motion as we speak. Wtf got into this dude.

  3. What do you expect from a Hurricane?

  4. He's screwed. Reports are saying he'll be arrested today.