July 20, 2013

The Other Game in Town: Minor League Baseball

By - Jaquan Murphy

Looking for things to do over the course of the summer? Want something family friendly that's easy on your wallet? Something that a diehard fan, a casual fan or a sports illiterate can all enjoy? Well then, you should go to a baseball game.

Not a major league game, but a minor league one.

Photo by: Edward Larson
An array of things make minor league games highly entertaining. For the diehard baseball fans, attending a minor league affair will fulfill their thirst for healthy, competitive competition. Every player in the minors has the same goal; to make it to the bigs. Therefore, every fan will get treated to hard nosed, maximum effort baseball. Players hustling down the line, diving for balls, leaving it all on the field. Diehard fans can also get a glimpse at tomorrow's potential stars.

The casual fan can get a good time from a minor league game as well. Those are the people that just want to get out to the ballpark every now and then. Why spend several hundred on a couple of good seats at a major league game when you can pay half the price of one ticket for two minor league tickets?

In addition, the casual fan could enjoy a minor league game because there are far fewer people to have to deal with. Instead of being around 50,000 screaming fanatics, you only surround yourself with maybe a couple thousand people enjoying the festivities. Lower prices and less crowd creates a more comfortable environment for someone who just wants to see a game.

Lastly, the baseball illiterate. They know absolutely nothing about the sport, so why would they enjoy a minor league game? Because they know nothing about baseball. It's the perfect opportunity to teach them the sport in a more exciting environment other than in a living room or sports bar. Instead of shelling out major bucks for a New York Yankees game, they can learn the basics at a Staten Island Yankees game for a fraction of the price.

For the younger fans, a minor league contest can be a wonderful learning experience on how to do things the right way. The hustle and effort of minor league players is exactly what needs to be instilled into their minds at an early age. For example, not trotting down the line on a ground ball, as many big league players do.

Also, many minor league games are extremely fan oriented and friendly, so both younger and older fans alike can have a good time all the same.

So if your city or town doesn't have a big league squad, stop sleeping on the minor league affiliates. Check out a minor league game with your family, friends, or even as a little treat to yourself.

You'll be glad you did.

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  1. I went to many minor league games when I was a kid. Come to think of it, I think I may have attended more minor league games than major league one's. Back then, the closest minor league team near me was all the way in Maryland, the Frederick Keys (they still exist). Also, I went to some in upstate NY; they were called the Adirondack Lumberjacks (no longer exist) They can be just as much fun as big league. Plus, they have more the intimate, small town feeling than a big league game does. I'm excited for next year, because we get a minor league team of our own called the Loudoun Hounds, to begin play. Their ballpark is being built a few miles from my house.