August 1, 2013

Bleacher Babe of the Month: August, 2013

By - Kris Fletcher

With Major League Baseball's postseason races really starting to heat up, what better time than now to feature a young lady that is all about America's favorite pastime?

Allow me to introduce Ms. Breanne Royce, our Bleacher Babe for the month of August!

Photo by: Kristal Putnam
Hi everyone! I'm Bree, and I'm super excited about being this month's Bleacher Babe!

I guess this is the part where I'm supposed to tell you a little bit about myself, right? Well, I'm 25-years-old and was born and raised in the greatest city on the planet, St. Louis, Missouri. I've been a huge baseball fanatic my entire life, and my favorite team is (of course) the Cardinals!

Some of my fondest childhood memories took place at old Busch Stadium. My parents are huge baseball fans as well, and they would take me to as many games as possible each and every year. I remember my dad calling in sick to work on many an occasion just to take my mom and I to an afternoon game. It made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

As I got older I started playing softball, which made me love baseball even more. Watching games is one thing, but actually participating in them is something entirely different. I loved everything about it. Being around my friends. Hearing my parents in the stands cheering me on. The smell of the grass. The dirt. Everything. I was a total tomboy!

After graduating high school, I went to California to visit a close friend for the summer. I fell in love with the West Coast and decided to take up permanent residence there. I still visit my parents in St. Louis regularly, and if I'm in town during baseball season, we always catch a game or two. Aside from my parents, the thing I miss the most about Mound City is the Redbirds!

Photo by: Bill Royce
My all time favorite players (that I've seen play) are Ozzie Smith, Willie McGee, Brian Jordan, Ray Lankford, Jim Edmonds, Mark McGwire, Adam Wainwright, Chris Carpenter and Yadier Molina. Albert Pujols used to be at the top of my list, but for obvious reasons, he no longer makes the cut. Traitor!

Since moving to California I've adopted the San Francisco Giants as my second favorite team. My boyfriend is a huge fan, so we take in games at AT&T Park pretty regularly. My baseball heart will always belong to the Cards, but the Giants are a pretty good second option. I like their team colors, and Buster Posey is a hottie!

Photo by: Matt Jacobs
I guess that's going to do it for me. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Hope you enjoyed it. Muah! ;o)


  1. DAMN. She's fine as hell. Likes the right team too.

  2. Best looking girl you've had

  3. She's fine, but her taste in teams sucks. lol

  4. Judging by her pictures and what's written here, this girl is wife material. Lol

  5. She's one to talk calling Pujols a traitor, wearing St. Louis AND San Francisco shirts on here. She's cute though so I'll give her a pass.

  6. Shes hot but something about her rooting for 2 teams.

  7. When you have a body like hers you can root for as many teams as you want!

  8. Aside from having large breasts theres nothing special about her IMO.