October 26, 2013

World Series Defined By Big Mistakes So Far

By - Keith Smith

Two games into the 2013 World Series, and I can't decide if I'm watching the best players in baseball, or my 7-year-old nephew's tee-ball game at the local park.

When was the last time errors played such a huge role in the first two games of the Fall Classic?

In Game 1, two early mishaps by shortstop Pete Kozma cost the Cards crucial runs. St. Louis got so far behind so fast, there was little hope of recovery.

Photo by: Ron Vesely
Then came a play in Game 2 that reminded me of those long ago tee-ball escapades, where everyone ends up with a "home run" as the ball gets thrown all around the joint.

With the bases loaded in the top of the seventh, Matt Carpenter lifted a short fly ball to Jonny Gomes in left. He threw home, where catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia misplayed the hop. Then, pitcher Craig Breslow, who was backing up the play, gunned the ball into the camera box in short left field trying to nail Jon Jay at third.

The double error, the first pitcher-catcher double error on a play in World Series history, gave the Cardinals a lead they would never relinquish.

It was almost comical. Well, at least to anyone who isn't a Red Sox fan.

These are not the types of plays we expect to see when we tune in to watch the best players on the best teams compete for a championship. We expect to see championship-caliber plays.

To be fair, we've seen some of those, too. Most notably, Carlos Beltran robbing David Ortiz of a grand slam in Game 1, a play that knocked the wind out of Beltran, and metaphorically, did the same to St. Louis fans, when he was forced to leave the game with bruised ribs.

Luckily, the eight-time All-Star was back in the lineup for Game 2.

I don't know about you, but I'm really looking forward to Game 3. At the rate these guys are going, maybe we'll see Shane Victorino chase a butterfly in right field, or Matt Adams pick his nose at first base.

If I'm going to see tee-ball, I want the full effect.


  1. There was some pretty damn good pitching mixed in there also from Lester and Wacha.

  2. The best one was the little popup Wainwright and Yadi let drop in between them in game one. lol