December 18, 2013

Aaron Hernandez: 4th and 25 to Life

By - Brad Heerschop

Okay, so the title is still a work in progress and the story isn't mine to sell, but if it were, Hollywood could make me a very rich man. Alas, I am sad to report that I still don't know how this intriguing tale will end.

What amazes me is that a movie about Aaron Hernandez has yet to be made. We all know it's just a matter of time until some big name producer gives us what promises to be the best gangster movie since The Godfather.

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Although it's no longer on most people's minds, if you have been paying attention, the Aaron Hernandez saga becomes more and more gripping all the time.

So, what happened this week to cause Hernandez's name to highlight the headlines of NFL drama yet again? As the former Pro Bowl tight end awaits trial from a jail cell, yet another person associated with him has been discovered dead.

According to the Hartford Courant, 27-year-old Tabitha Perry was found unconscious and not breathing inside a home in Southington, Connecticut on December 16th. Police are awaiting further toxicology tests, but Perry's death is not considered suspicious.

Regardless, it has to raise eyebrows, considering this is the third person with ties to Hernandez that has died in recent months. Not included in the three is Odin Lloyd, the man Hernandez is accused of murdering.

Perry's connection to the former Florida Gator is one that requires some tracing, but when the connections are made, it's certainly something that should at the very least rouse curiosity from the authorities.

In late June, Thaddeus Singleton III was killed in a car crash in Farmington, Connecticut, a town located just outside of Bristol, where Hernandez resides. His vehicle went airborne and somehow got lodged in the side of a country club building.

While Singleton did not survive the crash, his passenger, Tabitha Perry, did. The two had a child together, but Singleton was married to one Tanya Singleton, Hernandez's cousin, who just happens to be facing charges for being an accessory in the murder of Odin Lloyd.

The other individual close to Hernandez to die since he was arrested was his uncle, Robert Valentine, who died in a car crash in August.

Although police have ruled both crashes to be accidents and don't consider the death of Perry to be suspicious, it sure makes for one hell of a story. These could just be an unrelated series of unfortunate coincidences, but if not, this may be a perfect bridge to really make this saga fly to the big screen.

Once the story has completely unfolded, the only question remaining is who plays Hernandez in the upcoming blockbuster film?

If only Danny Trejo were younger.


  1. Lloyd's family is now suing him in a wrongful death lawsuit also. The plot keeps getting thicker and thicker.

  2. It'll come out within six months after him being found not guilty on all charges. lolllllll

  3. As messed up as our legal system I'll be more surprised if he's found guilty than I will if he walks. I agree though. A movie is definitely coming soon.