February 1, 2014

Best Prop Bets to Win Super Sunday

By - Keith Smith

I've read several stories this week about the weirdest, strangest, craziest prop bets available in Las Vegas for this year's Super Bowl. I'm not going to cover those here, but instead tell you the ones that will be the easiest to win, just in case you get to Vegas before Sunday.

- How Many Times Will Eli and Archie Be Shown During the Broadcast?

Photo by: Jamie Squire
The over-under for Eli is 1.5, while the over-under on Archie is 1. This bet is an absolute lock. Take the over. In fact, I'll bet that both these are covered by halftime. You know they will be together, in a box, so if the camera hits one of them, it will hit both, and I can almost assure you they'll show that box at least once per half. Book this bet now!

- Will Peyton Manning Score a Rushing Touchdown? (10-1 odds against)

While this one isn't quite as much of a guarantee as the first, and being that the odds are 10-1 against (which means you bet $10 to win $1), it's still a pretty good bet that, with the toughness of Seattle's defense, this has a good shot of happening. There is always that off chance of a quarterback sneak, or, God forbid, Peyton breaks out the naked bootleg that he says he only uses like once every five seasons. How long has it been since he used that last?

- Will the Power Go Out Again? (20-1 odds against)

Personally, I wouldn't touch this bet, considering the game is being played in New Jersey. There are just too many things that can happen. Governor Christie might be mad at someone in East Rutherford and throw the switch; excess snow could cause downed trees and power lines; some guy named Guido with a large butcher knife may have money on the "yes" side of this bet.

But, after last year's power debacle, you can bet that every precaution has been taken to avoid a repeat of that, so it might be an easy bet to win. Again, you have to plunk down a big chunk to make a little, so I would avoid this one, but that's just me.

- How Many Times Will Peyton Yell Omaha? (over/under 27.5)

Another one that is almost too easy. In the first playoff game, he uttered his count trigger "Omaha" 44 times, and in the AFC Championship, he used it 31 times. Yes, that's a downward trend, but with the ferociousness of the defense he's facing, I believe it will go back up. This should be a good bet.

- Will a Member of Red Hot Chili Peppers Go Shirtless During the Halftime Show?

It's going to be cold in East Rutherford in an open-air stadium, so it would be incredibly stupid to go shirtless during this performance. But when was the last time you saw the Chili Peppers where at least one guy wasn't shirtless? Besides, Flea is still with the group, so this one is almost a lock. Bet the nakedness.

- Will We See Snow During the Game? (yes is even, no -140)

Living in Birmingham, AL, and coming off spending 52-consecutive hours at work because a "dusting" of snow turned into one of the worst weather nightmares of the past 20 years, I can vouch that Mother Nature can be a fickle little...well, let's just say she can be fickle and leave it at that.

But, there is only a 10% chance of precipitation Super Sunday, so this may be a good bet on "no." Again, this is one of those bets that, just because of what I've been through the past several days, I wouldn't touch.

So there you have it. There are a ton of other prop bets, but these are the "most winnable," in my opinion.

Super Bowl XLVIII is almost here! Pass the guacamole.


  1. How in the world is the over/under on Eli and Archie that low? They'll pass that total by the end of the first quarter. Bet the farm on that one.

  2. The over on the amount of times Omaha is said is a lock too.