April 14, 2011

Jeff Miller Registers Epic Fail

By - Brian Harrington

So as I'm listening to the local sports radio show here in Nashville yesterday morning, I catch the tail end of a story about a column that a "journalist" from the Orange County Register wrote about the opening round playoff match-up between the Anaheim Ducks and Nashville Predators.

Photo from: ocregister.com
Instead of boasting stats, projections, or even a little factual information, this sorry excuse for a writer, Jeff Miller, decides he wants to take out some sort of juvenile grudge he apparently has for the city of Nashville.

Not only is the column not the slightest bit funny, but it comes off as a sad, cheesy, epic fail of an attempt to pep up a team that doesn't need his bottle-tanned help. You can check the article out here.

Includes a fun little picture show as well. I'm sure it took him all of about five minutes before his deadline was due to write this crap.

Now I'm all for poking fun at opposing teams, especially before a big game, but be AT LEAST a little witty about it. Most of the drivel he spews out in this farce is as outdated as wearing a blazer with a v-neck under it.

Ohhh and Jeffery, next time you decide you wanna "trash" the city of the team your boys are about to face, make sure they don't get torched 4-1 AT HOME in Game 1 again.

Photo by: Chris Carlson
Be sure to drop Mr. Miller a line at jmiller@ocregister.com and tell him what you think about his childish little article.


  1. I'm from Colorado, so I don't have a horse in this race one way or another, but I can vouch for the fact that this guy is a joke. I don't even see how he can be considered a journalist. He's been writing for like 15 years or so, and ALL his stuff is garbage. Hope your post gets back to him so he can see how people think he sucks.

  2. Whata dick. Hope Nashville sweeps 'em.

  3. Gonna end up startin' an east coast/west coast war. Lol