May 30, 2011

John Elway's "Elway" Problem

By - Kris Fletcher

Denver Broncos vice president and Hall-of-Fame quarterback John Elway apparently has way too much free time on his hands nowadays.

Somehow he became aware of a Fort Collins, Colorado punk band going by the name of Elway, and decided he's not really cool with it.

Photo by: Justin Edmonds
His lawyer has requested that the band change their name, but stopped short of suing or issuing a cease and desist order.

The band seems basically amused by the whole thing. In a statement released via, they acknowledged the request and suggested Elway should have better things to do with his time considering how awful the Broncos were in 2010.

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"We have no intention of changing the name again. We love the name, regardless of what connotations are inferred by the listener. Surely, if the Dead Kennedys could become one of punk's most popular bands without incurring litigation, Elway can keep their moniker and continue making so-so music for our dozens of fans to enjoy."

That totally qualifies as a touchdown for Elway in my book. The band that is.


  1. Seems like John Elway has become a bigger dick with age. The response by the band was awesome though. Lol

  2. You would think he would be flattered by a band wanting to use the name. Sounds like he's just looking for something to complain about.

  3. This is what happens when there's a lockout, too many people with too much damn time on their hands. Makes John Elway come of as a pretentious dick. I hope they don't change it, then send him a copy of their cd.