May 23, 2011

Tiger's Tumble

By - Kris Fletcher

Tiger Woods, who last won 18 months ago in Australia, has fallen to #12 in the world rankings which were released yesterday.

The last time Woods was outside the top 10 prior to this week was April 6th, 1997.

Photo by: Getty Images
He began the season ranked #2, but has continued to fall down the list as he has dealt with health issues on top of poor play.

Woods was forced to withdraw from last week's Players Championship during the first round due to a leg injury. His game had been showing signs of improvement before this most recent setback, as he finished tied for 4th at this year's Masters. Coincidentally, that was where he tweaked his surgically repaired left knee which led to problems with his Achilles.

He has spent a record 623 weeks of his career atop the world golf rankings, including a run that lasted from June 2005 until last November, when current top-ranked player Lee Westwood knocked him off.

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  1. Everyone keeps waiting for Tiger to BE Tiger again, but he may never get back to that point. To me, he's the best ever, but his days of dominating appear to be over.